Killing Eve 3x03 review

‘Killing Eve’ 3×03 Review: “Meetings Have Biscuits”

The third episode of ‘Killing Eve’  finally gave us the long-awaited reunion between Villanelle and Eve in an episode filled with suspense, action, and incisive humor.

After episode 2 (read our review here), things were set for a bumpy meet-up and we were not disappointed!

Without further due, read our Killing Eve 3×03 review!

A new lead on The Twelve

Eve, Carolyn and Kenny’s boss Jamie have teamed to resolve his murder. Their most important lead is Kenny’s missing thumb drive which has just been found.

The trio almost meets around Carolyn’s bathtub but eventually opts for a more traditional briefing around the table. But lips are sealed and not much information is shared. Jamie blames it on the lack of biscuits and indeed the entire meeting isn’t exactly palatable.

The epitome of love/hate relationship. Photo: BBC America

After browsing the thumb drive, filled with bank accounts data, Eve discovers that one of the accounts is based in Geneva. Carolyn sacrifices for the greatest good and socializes with an old acquaintance she “bumps into” and gives her a name: Charles Krueger, an accountant.

A man we have been introduced to before through Konstantin. The plot thickens and drama is bound to happen. As long as Konstantin comes out of it alive, I am fine with it.

Villanelle IS GETTING nostalgic

Villanelle is going through an identity crisis, and it all starts when she takes the baby of a woman she has just assassinated. Follows a hilarious scene on a terrace where Villanelle feeds the infant with bread crumbs like you’d feed a pigeon and Dasha ends up putting the child into the trash. Which one is more sociopathic? The jury is still out.

Is Villanelle ready to change? Photo: BBC America

Villanelle receives a new target located in London. Uh-oh. We all know who is there. She is hesitant to take it at first because she is not ready, but Dasha gives her the pep talk that convinces her to leave Spain for grey London.

Later on, Villanelle sneaks into Konstantin’s bed for a midnight talk over how cute she was as a baby. Has her maternal streak unexpectedly awakened? Not quite. Villanelle asks Konstantin to find her family. Now, this is interesting — I’m all for an origin episode. Besides, is it possible Villanelle is trying to have her own therapy to become a more decent person? If it means losing her psychopathic tendencies, I say no! Therapy is overrated anyway.

The reunion

Back in London, Villanelle starts with some shopping. She first goes into a posh perfume shop and asks for a fragrance powerful enough to intimidate a “foe” (spelled E-V-E). Next, she goes to a toy shop and rehearses her pick-up line, Villanelle style, before dropping the tough act and admitting what we knew all along: she can’t stop thinking about Eve.

Villanelle prepares for her surprise date. Photo: BBC America

Then comes the reunion. Random at best but oh so funny. On the upper deck of a bus. The two women engage in a catfight over the bus seats. It concludes with a kiss and a headbutt which, I guess, is the most accurate representation of their relationship in a nutshell.

Villanelle and Eve both part, stunned.

But work catches up. Villanelle goes on her mission, and all the signs point that Carolyn is her new target. Villanelle, dressed up as police officer, follows their car after Carolyn has picked up Krueger for a talk. She makes them pull over, walks over to the window and pulls a gun.

This is when I had a fright. We can’t lose our favorite unreliable, dishonest, sarcastic boss. What would we do without the likelihood of a new betrayal waiting around the corner if she dies? But Villanelle is clever — she kills Krueger instead.

Carolyn is shaken up, but not enough to indulge in a hug from her daughter, Geraldine. Thank God, she is still her usual self.

After a busy day and after finding out Niko has checked out of the center without leaving an address, Eve heads home. But Villanelle has left a gift for her, there. The girliest stuffed animal with a recorded message that she plays on repeat: “Admit it, Eve: you wish I was here.”

As far as I am concerned, I’ll gladly admit I look forward to next Friday.

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