Ship Spotlight: Celebrating ‘The Resident’s’ CoNic

If you’ve watched The Resident, then I’m sure you love CoNic as much as I do. Which is a lot. Sure, they’ve had their ups and downs, but Conrad and Nic haven’t really run like most couples do on TV. So let’s shine the ship spotlight on CoNic and revel in what an amazing couple they are!

There’s Always Been A Deep Bond

Even during times of not being together, Conrad and Nic always remain deeply bonded. So much, that I genuinely constantly forgot when they weren’t together. Because they just always act like they are. Part of why I’m so glad they are not only back together and living together, but engaged now! I can’t freaking wait for their wedding! Words literally cannot describe how excited I am to watch these two exchange vows. It’s about time this show got a wedding. You know, one that doesn’t end before it begins.


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Walking into the first episode of The Resident to Nic and Conrad already having an established history was pretty great. It wasn’t the way things are typically done, which made it a breath of fresh air. And it went a long way to showing just how hot the chemistry between them runs. They are so good for each other in so many ways. They have honestly become one of my favorite couples on TV, ever. Yeah. They’re that incredible. I ship a lot of ships, so for them to be as close to the top as they are for me is saying something.

They Know How to Communicate

Nic doesn’t take any of Conrad’s crap. Ever. She isn’t afraid to call him out when he’s wrong and she doesn’t back down. But Conrad doesn’t let Nic push him away. No matter how hard she tries at times. And sure, there have been times when Conrad has pushed Nic. To the point where she goes right out of their relationship. Neither one of them are perfect and they’re both aware of it. Everyone makes mistakes and that includes CoNic. But they both believe in learning from their mistakes.

Conrad knows what he wants and that’s Nic. But he had to realize that just because Nic wasn’t ready the moment he talked about moving in, didn’t mean it wasn’t what she wanted. Because it was. He just needed to let her make the steps in her own time. But something else that is extraordinary about these two is that they have reached the point that they can sit and talk about things. It’s truly amazing to watch and shows why CoNic are eons ahead of so many couples on TV. Because to me, they definitely are. We’re going into season four with them engaged!

They Make Each Other Better

Conrad always seems to be a bit calmer when Nic is around. Especially when she is there to tell him what she thinks about what he’s doing. Nic is also one of the few people who doesn’t hesitate to tell Conrad what she thinks. She isn’t intimidated by him and isn’t afraid to have an argument with him. As we’ve seen a time or two before. Nic is there to support Conrad and help him to believe in himself. Conrad is of course happier with Nic around as well. And when Conrad is happier, he tends to be a bit nicer and more patient with those around him. Kind of. He is still Conrad after all.


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When it comes to Nic, she has always been the one to take care of everyone around her. Which means she is the epitome of independent. But you can be independent and still have someone to lean on. That doesn’t make you weak. And that’s exactly what Conrad has always shown Nic. He doesn’t let her just push him away and he doesn’t always believe her when she says she’s fine. Because he knows when she needs to talk something out. Conrad supports Nic and has proven time and time again that he would risk anything for her. Not only because he loves her, but because he believes in her too.

Smooth Sailing

While the CoNic ship is sailing better than ever, that doesn’t mean I expect things to stay that way. This is a drama show, after all. But the thing with Conrad and Nic is that they have faced obstacles in their relationship before without it tearing them down. So I’m positive that whatever comes their way in the next season or the seasons after, these two will find a way to get past it, together, and come out stronger in the end.

What do you think about Conrad and Nic? Are you a total CoNic shipper? Do you love The Resident as much as we do? How excited are you to have the show and CoNic back on your screen? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to let us know all of your thoughts on CoNic and The Resident. Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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