The Cleaning Lady 2x06

‘The Cleaning Lady’ 2×06 Review: “Paradise Lost”

Things are really coming to a head with this episode! I can’t believe that we have to wait two freaking weeks before the next episode. But I was absolutely loving the way Arman and Thony worked together and were a seriously formidable force of nature. Also, as bad as I may feel about it, I have never wanted to see a couple go their separate ways as badly as Arman and Nadia. I know, that’s terrible! But it’s the land of fiction so that makes it more acceptable. Right? I’m sorry, I’m just ready for the Thony and Arman era to hit its stride and this episode taunted me by showing that it may be coming. So keep reading for The Cleaning Lady 2×06 review!

On the Rocks

I knew the tension between Arman and Nadia had been getting worse. But I was still surprised that she seems to have taken Kamdar’s side in things. Should Arman have taken off with Thony on his motorcycle? Definitely not. And does he generally make Nadia upset by going to Thony all the time? Yes, he does. I also think that, as Nadia said, she can see what’s going on between Arman and Thony and knows that he has feelings for her. But I think Nadia also knows those feelings are real and not just something that’s going to pass. Nadia herself has shown she likes to party and she and Arman do their own thing. But no matter how mad she is, I still wouldn’t have expected her to side with Kamdar. Which leads me to think she does still have feelings for him.

The Cleaning Lady 2x06

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As for Arman, I’m not entirely sure where he is at with everything. He does clearly have feelings for Thony. Feelings that are only getting stronger with each passing episode. But he also still clearly loves and cares for Nadia. Though I am beginning to wonder if what he has for Nadia is more of an obligation like we are married and it’s my job to take care of her. While with Thony it’s I want to take care of her and is a bit more passion-fueled. I mean, we’ve now gotten to the point where he isn’t including Nadia in his plans. He says it’s to make it so her reactions and emotions are genuine. But I think it’s a hell of a lot more than that. And this episode went a long way toward showing that things may really be over for them.

Never Ending

Every time you think Thony and the others are at a point where they can put Marco behind them, something with his case pops right back up. I was hoping that with Arman getting rid of the motel owner, things would cool down. And while I’m glad the cops are looking at the motel owner as a person of interest, what the hell does that mean if they are able to find his body? Every time I hope this story is going to go away, it rears its ugly head. And I’m not sure that Arman is going to be able to continue getting Thony out of this mess. I’m not even sure if Garrett is going to be able to get her out of this one. But one thing is for sure, the mess is just getting bigger and the cops are going to figure out the real story eventually.

Anyone with eyeballs can see that Garrett still has some serious feelings for Maya. And I think it’s pretty clear that she still has feelings for him as well. Part of me kind of wants to see flashbacks between the two of them to really see what went down. But she is proving to be a weak point for Garrett and I’m afraid she may end up getting him into more trouble than out of it. He absolutely killed Cortes for her. Garrett didn’t hesitate. He just saw that she was in trouble and reacted. So I really hope she isn’t going to prove to be on the wrong side of things herself. Because that could spell trouble not only for Garrett but for Thony and Arman as well. And they have more than enough on their plates as it is.

Headed for Trouble

Thony and Arman make a seriously badass pair. I’m sorry to Nadia, but Arman and Thony have a real King and Queen energy happening and it’s clear that others see it as well. While I think Thony is staying true to herself, she is also at the point where she is going to do whatever is necessary to keep those she loves safe. And I think Arman is included in that now. I love that she has surprised him so many times in the last few episodes. And every time he gives her that look of pride, respect, and admiration, it makes me freaking swoon. Maybe Nadia and Robert will end up being a better pair. Because honestly, Nadia would be a damn formidable villain to go up against. And part of me kind of wants to see her reach her full potential on the other side of things.

The Cleaning Lady 2x06

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What did you think of The Cleaning Lady 2×06? Are you as bummed as we are that we have to wait two weeks before the next episode? What do you think is going to happen with Arman and Thony? Are things really over between him and Nadia? What do you think is going to happen with Garrett after all of this? And what about Kamdar? Is Nadia really on his side? What do you think his next move will be? Find and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @capeandcastle! You can find and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Sarah_Jeanne17. Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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