The Cleaning Lady 2x07

‘The Cleaning Lady’ 2×07 Review: “Truth or Consequences”

This episode had so much going on and so many moments that had me on a rollercoaster. I just may be able to keep myself together until next week’s episode. Or maybe not. This episode may have me calling for the fanbulance. It most certainly left me in disbelief that the season finale is almost here. So they better hit me with news of a season three renewal soon or I may really need the fanbulance. So keep reading for my review of this wild ride of an episode!

Finally Over….For Now

It’s nice to see that the Marco story may finally be coming to an end. At least for now. I understand that he was Fiona’s brother. But he really did nothing but cast a shadow over the entire family from the first time he arrived in town. And while I didn’t want him to die, with his actions and behavior, I’m not sure that it could have ended any other way. Though I was sad to see that Chris was the one ultimately responsible for the death as it was clearly weighing him down. I was freaking out when Chris, Fiona, and Thony went in to deal with questions about Marco’s death they weren’t ready to answer. And not just because I didn’t want to see any of them get in trouble. But because the timing sucked!

The Cleaning Lady 2x07

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While Garrett bugged me a lot during the first season, he did start growing on me this season. But never more than he did in this episode. The way he handled Chris’s confession got him some huge points in my book. I just hope that he doesn’t change his mind about how to handle the situation. So here’s to hoping for that. I also hope that now Chris has been able to get some of his emotions about Marco’s death off his chest, he can start to heal. Because the path he has been on since Marco’s death has me worried. Chris did what he had to do in order to protect his family and himself and he also never meant for Marco to die. It really was self-defense and a horrible accident.

Truth and Danger

I hate that Maya had to die. Not only because I don’t feel like we really got enough of a chance to get to know her as a character, but because of what I know it’s going to do to Garrett. I did care about Maya and I was hoping she would be able to make it out of her situation okay. But I hadn’t been able to see her enough to become attached to her to the point of being truly upset by her death. It was sad, but it didn’t feel like a major character loss. Though that didn’t stop it from affecting me because of the way it has already and is going to continue to affect my favorite characters.

I’m worried that Garrett is going to spiral. And even more worried about what is going to happen when he finds out the truth about who killed Maya. Because I don’t think the circumstances surrounding her murder are going to matter. It’s going to be black and white for Garrett. Arman killed Maya and that’s the only thing Garrett is going to see. He isn’t going to see that it was to save Thony and himself, or that Arman was backed into a corner. It also has me concerned with what lines he is going to cross now in his desire to get Kamdar. Not that I care about Kamdar. Because he absolutely deserves everything coming to him. But he isn’t worth Garrett’s life or career.

Impossible Choice

I don’t think I’ve ever been as tense as I was watching everyone in that room. Arman was faced with a choice that had no good outcomes. There was no way he could take down Kamdar and his men. So it was either kill Maya or watch Thony get killed. And if he didn’t kill Maya, Arman probably also would have ended up dead after watching Kamdar’s men kill Thony. I actually yelled at the screen because of how tense and long the scene went on. And then when Arman walked out of the room, I was going through it. The song that they chose could not have been more perfect. I Need My Girl, by The National in case you were wondering. Arman tearing up in the car and Thony reaching for his hand with him squeezing it back in combination with the song had me bawling. So well done on that! The song is also now on repeat for me.

The Cleaning Lady 2x07

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What did you think of The Cleaning Lady 2×07? Did you see that ending coming? What do you think Garrett is going to do now that Maya has been killed? Will he cross too many lines trying to bring Kamdar down? What’s going to happen with Thony and Arman? Is this going to bring them closer? Or is it going to push them apart? What do you think is coming down the line for the season finale? Do you have any predictions? What did you think of the song choice? Is it playing on repeat for you as well? Find and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @capeandcastle to talk all things The Cleaning Lady 2×07! You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Sarah_Jeanne17. Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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  • James

    Poor arman don’t deserve this. Thony should have save herself this time.


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