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Ship Spotlight: Celebrating ‘Yellowstone’s’ Beth and Rip

With Yellowstone season five starting in just over a week, what better time to have a ship spotlight? And who better to shine that spotlight on than Beth and Rip? These two have had us hooked from the first moment we saw them in a scene together. They stole our hearts, at least they stole mine, and they haven’t given it back since. At this point, I don’t ever want it back. Not if it means I get to keep watching the two of them so in love! They’ve been through a lot together and I have a feeling this season is going to have even more to throw at them. So keep reading for our latest Ship Spotlight on Beth and Rip!

Meant to Be

Even without the flashbacks, it has never been hard to see that these two belong together. The flashbacks to their younger days just hammer that point home. No one has been able to be as brutally honest with Beth as Rip. At least not without a bloody nose and at least one black eye to show for it. But not only is Rip able to be honest with her, but Beth also takes his opinions seriously and listens to what he has to say. One of the things I love the most about them is that even when Beth is mad at him, she doesn’t let it affect how she feels about him. You know the scene that comes to mind with that. “I love you, I’ll see you at the house. But fuck you.”.

Beth and Rip

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While they know so much about each other, there are still some secrets between these two. And I have a feeling that at least one of them is going to come out this season. Because eventually, Rip is going to find out what Jamie did to Beth and why she has harbored so much hate toward him for all these years. And I am very scared for Jamie when that day does eventually come. Because Rip is going to maim him before killing him slowly. There is nothing Rip won’t do for Beth and vice versa. So lord help anyone who dares to try and hurt either of them. Because the other is going to come after you and it isn’t going to be pleasant. I’m not even sure which one of them I would be more scared of because they are both equally terrifying.

When it Saves Me

Do I love a good, romantic scene for the first exchange of “I love you”? Of course, I do. But I think, even with all the chaos and terror of the moment, Rip chose the best time to tell Beth that he loves her. And I think it was the most beautiful scene ever. She asked for him to say it to her when it was going to save her and there was never a moment she needed to hear it from him more than that one. These two have been through a lot together. And they’ve saved each other over and over again. Their souls are truly intertwined and they represent a beautiful definition of the term soulmate. They make each other better in so many ways and they accept one another for who they are. It isn’t that they don’t see the other’s flaws. It’s that they choose to love them for, and in spite of, those flaws.

Rip deserves someone who truly loves him and accepts him for who he is and everything he has done in his past. And Beth deserves someone who will back her up but understands that she is strong and independent and doesn’t need anyone to fight her battles for her. They both deserve to have someone who will support them unconditionally with no strings attached and truly love them all the way to their soul. And I’m so glad that both of them have been able to find that kind of love in each other. Words cannot describe how excited I am to see where they go next together.

Family Living

I am absolutely stoked that Beth and Rip are finally married. And I can’t wait to see what the coming season holds for them. Especially with the new dynamics coming into play with John. This family is never lacking in the enemies department. But it sure does seem like their list of enemies is longer than ever this season. And more dangerous, too. Luckily, this is a family full of badasses that can more than take care of themselves. And when it comes to Rip, I don’t think he will let anyone come between him and Beth. So no matter what obstacles get thrown at them in the coming season, I know they are going to get through all of them together and come out stronger on the other side.

Beth and Rip

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Are you as excited as I am for the next season of Yellowstone? What do you think the season will hold for Beth and Rip? What about the rest of the Dutton family? Do you think this is going to be the most exciting season yet? How do you think dynamics will change with Beth and Rip when it comes to Carter? Will he continue working his way into part of the family? Find and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @capeandcastle! And you can find and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Sarah_Jeanne17. Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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