Dummy Season One Review

‘Dummy’ Season One Review

Okay, so this one earns its M rating. Several times over. But it was also wildly good. Well done, Anna Kendrick. As if that’s a surprise. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. Keep reading for our Dummy season one review!

Different Premise

This show has a unique setup and we aren’t sure if we would check it out based on that alone. But when we saw an ad for Dummy, we knew we just had to check it out and it was so worth it. Which is kind of how most shows go when it comes to Quibi. Which is a bit of a different kind of streaming service itself. Shows that the episodes usually run around ten minutes or less. It’s quite the genius idea and with the impressive original content they’re putting out, it’s going to be a huge platform.

Dummy Season One Review

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When Cody discovers her boyfriend’s sex doll, she feels a little insecure about herself. Then it starts talking to her and a wild journey ensues. Sounds kind of crazy right? But, damn, is it incredible. For something so out of this world, what lays beneath it is extremely real and deep. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, empowering, and a host of other incredible things. Anna Kendrick brought it with this one and we’re going to need a whole lot of other seasons.

Shenanigans Galore

Cody and Barbara are quite the pair and seem to have no problem getting into trouble. More than that, since it’s just Cody talking to an inanimate sex doll, Cody looks and sounds like a crazy person. But she’s a writer, so it’s understandable. Kind of. The small glimpses Dummy gives you of how other people are seeing the situation with Cody and Barbara reminds you that she is indeed an inanimate object. But when they are talking and bonding, it’s easy to forget that.

Bringing in a therapist that Cody tells everything too was a pretty great part of the show. Because it did give the show a bit more sensibility. It was also great that Cody never stopped acknowledging that she was only hearing Barbara talk to her because it was her brain’s way of expressing the inner doubts and thoughts she was having. Especially when it came to writing her tv pilot. Which was naturally about a girl finding her boyfriend’s sex doll, having it come to life and talk to her, and the two going on adventures together. How meta.

Deeper Look

While this show is silly and unrealistic in a lot of ways, there is a lot more to it. Cody is insecure in her relationship with Dan along with a few other things. She’s worried about her writing and her career in general. Dan is a successful writer himself, so she’s worried that she will become just a “plus one” that can be easily replaced at any time. All of those fears and doubts are just expressing themselves through Barbara. And with her, Cody can talk her feelings out and get past the writer’s block she’s having and become more confident in herself and her relationship with Dan.

Dummy Season One Review

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And yes, while they make it entertaining that Cody continuously has different agents, there is a serious note to that situation as well. They keep getting fired because of “Me Too” situations. It was a lighthearted way to bring up and stand with a serious topic. Then there was the topic of sex overall. Sure, there were plenty of jokes made about kinks and what’s appropriate along with what isn’t. But at least they were talking about it. Sex is always such a taboo subject and Dummy certainly wasn’t afraid to approach it. And dive deep. There were also a few discussions about feminism that had that lighthearted tone with serious undercurrents. It made for a very entertaining show.

Why We Need More

It’s an age of television where it’s really easy to fall into genre shows. Cop shows, doctor shows, and superhero shows are a few that tend to dominate our screens. So when something like this comes along, with a unique premise, it can be easy for it to fall to the wayside or go unnoticed for a while. But it’s a true gem and we appreciate the way it brazenly talks about any topic in a bluntly honest kind of way. We think we could use a bit more of that in a show. Plus, it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch. There were a lot of laughs to be had throughout the ten-episode run. And he cast is quite impressive as well. Besides Anna Kendrick, we get the voice talent of Meredith Hagner as Barbara and we get to have Donal Logue. Who could ask for more?

Have you checked out Dummy yet? What did you think? Did you appreciate the new take on a buddy comedy, or was it a little too much for you? Is Cody projecting her feeling through Barbara or is this all just part of a nervous breakdown? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to share your thoughts! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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