‘911 on FOX’ 5×15 Episode Recap: “FOMO”

911 on FOX’s aptly titled episode “FOMO” showed us how the characters could find themselves missing out on fun things in their lives. This was an episode that started off with some silly moments and then inevitably led to the trauma involving one call. It was an episode that had something for everyone and we truly did enjoy it.

911 on FOX showed characters exhibiting cases of FOMO



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The team’s first call was to a social media influencer who was knocked unconscious in a sauna, in which she was claiming to be inside a home she was buying. With Eddie’s help via Twitter, Dispatch is able to send the 118 to find her. They all learn that the young woman was basically hiding her true life from the world, lying about who she really was.

Eddie has an interesting conversation with May, in which she talks to him about FOMO, the fear of missing out on things. She asks if he has ever felt like that, but he evades the question. Considering we know that Eddie has been going through therapy in an attempt to overcome his various traumas, we know this is probably not true. But he is not at the point where he’s ready to talk about it.

May has a big decision to make


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For her part, May talks to Athena about USC. The timing of her deferral is coming up and she has to decide if she is attending in the fall. Even though May seemed to want to be at Dispatch, she admits that she doesn’t want to say no. When asked for her opinion, instead of pushing her, Athena tells her to be brave. We love that Athena allowed May to figure things out on her own.

It’s always been a point of contention between them. But May realizes that when she joined Dispatch, it was mainly due to being worried about her mom and wanting to be able to help her and keep her safe. Now she needs to figure out who she really wants to be. And if her conversation with Eddie is any indicator, so does he.

Another call the team went on was for a groom at a reality show wedding. He collapsed as soon as he met his bride for the first time. Despite the cracks about weddings and sociological issues that come with reality dating shows, this call allowed Hen and Buck to work together. Buck was such a cutie during this scene, all excited at the prospect of being on a reality show. We get it, buddy, you love the idea of love.

Maddie learns she has always been a good mom


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Maddie also found herself dealing with FOMO after seeing Jee’s baby box. Seeing all of the photos Chimney took of her over the last six months makes her feel as though she is a bad mom for missing her life. However, Buck makes her feel better by telling her that Jee won’t remember it and that she is a great mom. After all, she basically raised him. This is true as we have seen over the seasons. Maddie took on the role of his caregiver when their parents were lost in their grief over Daniel. Buck eventually recognized what Maddie did for him and wants her to know he sees it.

Maddie does get the chance to see a first after being worried she already missed so much. While feeding Jee, she and Chimney try to figure out why she is refusing to eat. However, they see her taking her spoon on her own and feeding herself! The proud parents happily encourage her to keep going. It was amazing to see them coming together for their daughter and you almost forget they aren’t even a couple anymore. Now can we have them back together?

The couple that fights crime together stays together


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Finally, we had our beloved Hen and Karen, treating us to what had to be one of the best stories of the night. When Karen begins to feel the effects of her own FOMO, getting older and feeling as though she missed out on life, she wants to do more spontaneous dates with Hen. Unfortunately one goes wrong when her purse goes missing. Because of this, Karen has to cancel her credit cards. However, she forgot one of Hen’s cards was in her wallet, and that was being used at a bar on Sunset.

Excited at the prospect of an adventure, Karen gets dressed so they can “catch a thief!” They head to the bar and figure out that their suspect is a blonde woman who is keeping Hen’s tab open. The two eventually find her and have her arrested. After solving the case, they eventually decide to have a nice night out dancing. It’s been such a long time since we got to see them truly enjoy themselves. They got to go on a fun mystery together and enjoy the moment.

Our thoughts on FOMO

Even though the final call of the episode ended in tragedy, the episode still highlighted some key themes for the characters and where they were in their lives. Did they have regrets or were they happy with the decisions in their lives? It looks that way for Bobby, Athena, Hen, and Karen. What about those like Maddie and Chimney? Eddie? Buck? There is so much to cover for the last few episodes of the season.

We cannot wait to see what the rest of 911 has in store for us. What did you think of 911 on FOX’s episode, “FOMO?” Let us know in the comments below!

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