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‘911 on FOX’ 5×12 Episode Recap: “Boston”

After the 5B premiere left us feeling many type of ways, a new episode came along to once again give us all the feels. This time, in the form of finding out just what happened after Maddie left earlier in 5A. Getting to see Maddie and Chimney back on our screens was a welcome relief after a season full of unknowns and what felt to be the breaking up of different aspects of the 118. Now, the heart of the 118 can come back. First, let’s go over what happened in this episode of 911 on FOX, “Boston.”

Madney is the focal point of 911 on FOX

911 on FOX

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When Maddie first left, we saw how affected Chimney was in her absence. He was very worried about her, and as it turned out, he should have been. Where her brother did not realize the magnitude of her illness, Maddie had actually attempted to kill herself by drowning in the ocean.

It was a devastating scene to watch, and it was only when she thought of Chimney and her baby girl that she pulled herself out of the water. Flashbacks over the previous six months showed Maddie getting help at a hospital, slowly finding out what was causing her depression. She had dealt with depression her own life, as had her mother after the death of her son, Daniel.

Maddie’s life had been in turmoil ever since she was 9 and it was only after giving birth that it came out in the form of postpartum thyroiditis. Even though she was treated for her condition, it still did not take away the dark thoughts she had when she left. She thought Chimney hated her and still needed help to be able to go home to her family.

While in treatment, Maddie made a friend in Kira, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Criminal Minds costar A.J. Cook. Kira is a mom who is battling alcoholism and they work through their demons together. But as Maddie gets better, Kira begins relapsing.

Chimney settles into Boston life

911 on FOX

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As this is all going on, we also see Chimney’s journey in finding Maddie. After making his way to Boston, he began staying with Eli and his family. This allowed him to have childcare while also looking for Maddie. We got to see his side of things as he kept in contact with Albert, Hen, Bobby, and Athena.

At one point, Chimney begins posting missing flyers for Maddie at a hospital and finds out there’s a clinic next door for women suffering from postpartum depression. He waits outside the hospital, expecting to see Maddie.

Eli eventually convinces Chimney to do something else with his time, such as being a volunteer paramedic. This gives Chimney the chance to help people so he isn’t just sitting and waiting.

In the meantime, Maddie, who has decided she is ready to go home, finds out just how bad off Kira is. She takes her to the hospital to detox before a supervised visit with her son when they spot the missing person flyer. Kira, who is drunk and not in her right mind, lashes out at Maddie, feeling as though she was lied to.

Facing trauma from two sides

In Maddie’s defense, her depression really did make her believe Chimney was mad at her and not looking for her. Even knowing he had left California, she still didn’t fully believe that her family wanted her home. Seeing the flyer made her realize that Chimney never gave up on her.

Kira is not to blame here. She has her own demons and she feels as though she is losing her support system. After rushing off, Maddie goes to find her. Eventually, a bartender answers Maddie’s call, telling her that her friend is drunk.

Just as Maddie finds her, Kira begins aspirating vomit and they call for help. Who else shows up but Eli and Chimney. Once they get Kira to the hospital, Maddie and Chimney have an emotional and devastating conversation.

The healing process begins


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Chimney finds out just how bad off Maddie was, stunned that she would ever think that he would be able to move on in a world without her in it. They both realize they had been trying to pretend things weren’t as bad as they were and agree to stop pretending.

When Maddie sees her baby girl for the first time, she is devastated to realize just how much she missed, no matter how much Chimney tries to reassure her. After getting closure with Kira, she gets a second chance with Jee.

In a sweet scene, Maddie begins singing to Jee-Yun to calm her down. The baby walks over to her, calling her mama. Maddie is stunned, but happy when she realizes her daughter recognizes her. She tells Chimney she wants to go home.

Our thoughts on the episode of 911 on FOX

This was such a powerful episode of 911 and it focused on themes such as suicide and postpartum depression. Not only that, we got to see Maddie’s journey, something that was so important to witness. From feeling like her family didn’t want her to know that they loved her and just wanted her home. She needed to figure out for herself that it was time to go home and live.

We cannot wait to have Chimney and Maddie home where they belong. There won’t be a new episode until April 11 but we’ll be here when it arrives! Healing is beginning for the 118 and we’re here for it.

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