Ship Spotlight: Celebrating ‘Castle’s’ Caskett

Here we are with another Ship Spotlight! This time around, the focus is in one of our favorite partnerships ever! From workplace partners, to life partners, Castle and Beckett will always have a special place in our hearts! So let’s talk Caskett and shine that Ship Spotlight on their amazing journey!

Remarkable Chemistry

As much fun it is to watch Nathan Fillion as a police officer on The Rookie, he is still remembered as playing Richard Castle, the mystery writer who shadowed the New York Police Department for eight seasons on Castle.  His chemistry with Stana Katic was remarkable from the beginning.  

Slow Burn

Stana played Detective Kate Beckett, a police detective in the 12th Precinct, Homicide Division. Her character was inspired to become a detective after her mother was murdered. The chemistry of Castle and Becket, or Caskett as some might recall, was phenomenal! And it was a slow burn for sure.


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The Muse

Castle was a ‘man-child’ who at times was less responsible than his teenage daughter. He had conspiracy theories for everything and knew his pop culture. Detective Beckett was all serious, which at times conflicted with Castle. When they worked together on a homicide case, soon they would work off each other like a well-oiled machine. After working one case together, Detective Beckett became the muse for Castle’s next series of books featuring a female police detective named Nikki Heat.

Cup of Joe

Castle bought an espresso machine for the 12th Precinct, yet most morning he would bring Beckett a cup of Joe just how she liked it to the office or even bring it to the crime scenes. When someone knows what you drink and brings it to you no matter where you are; that is something special. He would be one of the only people she trusted to work on her mother’s murder, even though, at the end of Season One it caused friction between them.


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When it came to her mother’s case; he would be the person who dragged her away when Captain Montgomery met his demise at the end of Season three. During Captain Montgomery’s funeral, Beckett was shot and Castle told her he loved her. She pretended for a better part of a year that she didn’t hear him. When Castle and Beckett finally got together at the end of Season Four, it was steaming and she admitted to him that her walls had finally come down.  

Still Together

Even after they got together, there were obstacles, such as him trying to keep the romance hidden from Captain Gates. He would disobey orders when Beckett stepped on a pressure-sensitive bomb in the episode “Still”, the twenty-second episode of the fifth season. He stayed with her in the apartment trying to keep her distracted with who fell for whom first while the team tried to find a way to diffuse the bomb.

Wedding Bells

Castle and Beckett would always find their way back to each other even when he disappeared for two months on their wedding day. In the end, what made Castle and Beckett incredible was their respect for each other in their crazy world of murder and mayhem. They made each other better and completed each other even when they weren’t together as a couple. I miss this ship on television every Monday night. The ship of Caskett made for an entertaining one that was full of crazy conspiracy theories, friendship, and mutual respect.


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