The Baker and the Beauty

Why ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Needs to be Saved

It’s no secret that we love this show. That’s something that we have made clear with every review. We also thought that it was a sure bet on renewal because of so many reasons. We even waited for a bit before saying anything, hoping we didn’t have to worry. But, we admit it, we’re worried. So let’s talk about just some of the reasons why The Baker and the Beauty needs to be saved. Like yesterday.

It’s AbOut Family

We fell in love with the Garcia family from moment one. And as the season went on, we continued falling in love with them. Rafael is an amazing father and husband who only wants the best for those he loves. While he clearly thought his children would all continue to work at the bakery forever, he really just wants them all to be happy. Watching all of his children seek vastly different paths was clearly a lot to handle, but he found ways to support them and their dreams anyway. Mari is an amazing mother even if she doesn’t always understand her kids. And she definitely could have handled a few situations better than she did. But she’s human and she’s a very passionate woman and she makes sure her children know she absolutely loves and supports them unconditionally.

The Baker and the Beauty

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Daniel was more than content with his life but when adventure came calling, he found his own passion. And that’s a beautiful thing. We rooted for him every step of the way. Mateo clearly feels like he is in Daniel’s shadow and we felt that in our souls. But he went his own way and began his own exciting journey. When we met Natalie, she had really already found herself but we got to watch her become more confident and proud of that person she found herself to be. This family is real and supportive and at the end of the day, they all love one another. Sure, they fight, they don’t always get each other, and sometimes they’re ridiculous. But that’s what family is and they are a beautiful one. 

It’s About Love

Daniel and Noa found something beautiful in one another and they have such strength as a couple. They make each other better and truly bring out the best qualities in each other. Being with Daniel allows Noa to relax and be herself. While being with Noa allows Daniel to step outside his comfort zone and walk a little on the wild side. They actually really remind us of Mari and Rafael. The unwavering support, desire to do anything to make the other happy and light up a room when they see each other. But this is something all their children seem to be finding.

Natalie and Amy’s chemistry was palpable from the moment they met. Wanting to be with Amy and seeing how comfortable with herself she was, really helped Natalie’s own confidence. It’s natural for Natalie to want a love like the one her parents share and we think she has found that with Amy. Then we have Mateo. We weren’t sure how we felt about it at first, but the idea of he and Vanessa getting together really appeals to us now.

It’s About Who is in Your Corner

We all have our close knit groups. The people we go to that we can always rely on, other than our family. Those friends that are really more like chosen family members. And Lewis has really been that for Noa. He’s more of a father to her than her own and so many of us can relate to that. Then there’s Piper who always supports Noa, no matter how crazy her ideas may seem. We certainly have a few friends like that. And to Noa, Lewis and Piper are certainly members of her family.

This cast is full of powerhouse actors playing big characters and watching their pilot season was a really joy and delight. There were strong relationships and realistic hardships along the way. There were so many humorous moments that we didn’t see coming, making them that much more enjoyable. We watched a season of love. Between family, between friends, and between lovers. You can’t take that from us so soon.

The Baker and the Beauty

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If you haven’t already, check out The Baker and the Beauty petition here and be sure to sign it! Keep tweeting about it and showing your support for the show, the cast, the crew, and everyone involved in this incredible show. Be sure to find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to discuss all things The Baker and the Beauty and check out our site for more articles on all your favorite things Disney and beyond!

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  • Tim Sweeney

    First full-disclosure, I’m white and a big fan of this show:

    When the country goes majority minority sometime between 2041 and 2045, any TV executives who are responsible for cancelling this show anywhere, anytime will have some kids & grandkids who will be embarrassed because of that decision partly due to their Latinx friends, coworkers, acquaintances, lovers, partners, spouses, kids, etc. will surely be aware of it in an even more information accessible and reactive world. Mostly though, you probably did not work hard enough to market it properly or effectively. And, cancelling it is a bad idea all around.

    This show is as close to perfect as possible now. An evolutionary and natural move forward from the great legacies of I Love Lucy (and Desi), Chico and the Man, George Lopez, One Day at a Time, etc. It is fuller and more dynamic and has even more heart than those before it and that is saying something.

    You’d be a fool to cancel it. And to your kids, grandkids and those they love, you’d be kind of a dick, at best..

    Don’t be a dick and keep this show.

  • Karen

    This is a wonderful show. We need more good shows like this on tv

  • Adele Abrahamsen

    Finally a well written,feel good show. Don’t cancel it. Put it on at 8 or 9 o’clock and another night. I looked forward to this each week and was on during the stay home because of the carona virus. What a perfect show to bring us back to what our lives are really about. No guns or hate, we need more of these type of positive family, supportive influences. Please don’t take this away you have done well with this one. Keep them coming.

  • Joann

    Are the folks who can keep this show going listening to us? Besides signing the petition to request that the show be renewed, which I have done, is there anything else we can do? I wished there was a way the shows producers, directors and writers could keep us updated on what is being done to keep this show on the air.

  • Lynn

    This was a fun, light family show! Why cancel this and keep horrible reality shows. This is just horrible.


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