‘Awesome Mix’ is back and better than ever!

In December of 2018, I created Awesome Mix, a podcast dedicated to movies and television series from Disney’s Marvel Studios. I created it just in time for my colleagues over at The Series Regulars and I to react to the first trailer of Avengers: Endgame

We started off recording and releasing episodes on our reactions to brand new trailers and TV spots for not only Endgame, but for Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, too. Then, we branched off to more unique content, bragging about our favorite ‘ships and why we think they’re endgame (e.g.: Black Widow and Captain America, or, “Romanogers”).

Since summer began, we’ve taken an unexpected hiatus—if I’m going to be honest, I began losing creativity and motivation. But, ever since I launched Cape & Castle in July, my flow returned, and it’s better than ever.

So we’re turning over a new leaf: we’re sticking with our name, but have given our logo and hashtag (hashtag us with #AwesomeMixPod from now on!) a bit of a facelift! And while distribution will continue under TSR’s umbrella, all creative credits now belong to Cape & Castle, not just myself, individually.

We will also be trying a new format, releasing our raw, unedited recordings instead of our heavily edited, polished feel. We’ll continue to react to trailers and actual movies and shows, and will continue to explore more ‘ships and content that you, our fans, will want to hear!

We’re aiming for a September return, so be on the lookout! If you aren’t subscribed to Awesome Mix yet, do so on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and/or Spotify by clicking on the respective hyperlinks or by simply searching, “Awesome Mix: A Marvel Studios Podcast”!

If you aren’t caught up or if you’re a new listener, you have time! You can also listen to our episodes below:

Lastly (and again, if you haven’t already), bookmark our landing page for all things Awesome Mix!

Talk to y’all soon!

Awesome Mix: A Marvel Studios Podcast is a Cape & Castle production and is distributed by The Series Regulars. Christine Cenon is executive producer and director.

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