Navigating Christmas

‘Navigating Christmas’: Review

Chelsea Hobbs, Stephen Huszar, and a Hallmark Christmas movie? Absolutely! Count me in. Okay, so maybe you’ve realized by now that I’m a sucker for any Hallmark movie. But especially the Christmas-themed ones when I’m in the holiday mood. And I do really love so many of the stars on Hallmark. Which makes it easy to love their movies so much. Anyway, this one had me intrigued from the first promo I saw and I was all in. An island, lighthouse, Christmas time? Yup! I’m down. And this one certainly didn’t disappoint. So keep reading for my Navigating Christmas review!

Grumpy Sunshine

I think the grumpy/sunshine trope is one of my all-time favorites. And not just when it comes to Hallmark. But when it comes to any kind of story. So making Stephen Huszar the grumpy lighthouse owner was a perfect move. And then add Chelsea Hobbs as a sweet single mom just trying to provide her son with a nice Christmas vacation after recently going through a divorce. What do you end up with? One of the cutest Hallmark Christmas movies I’ve ever seen! Seriously. This one is going right up there with Three Wise Men and a Baby. Which is really saying something since I don’t know that anything will ever top my love for that one.

Navigating Christmas

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Right from the start, these two rubbed each other the wrong way and I was here for it. They challenged one another and drove each other just a little bit crazy. But I love to see it. Because that chemistry makes them unable to resist each other. It makes it that much sweeter when the two of them do get to the point of being together. And, when Melanie and Peter got together, it was definitely sweet! I loved watching their relationship develop. Everything between them was just so fun and enjoyable to watch. I think I had a smile on my face just about the entire time watching this one.

A Little Bit Different

While there were definitely similarities between this movie and other Hallmark movies, there was also something a little bit different about it. I know pretty much everyone can predict what’s going to happen in a Hallmark movie, and that did happen here. But there was just a different vibe about it. I’m not even entirely sure what it was. Just something a little extra that had me hoping the advertisements would be shorter and that there would be more time between when the next ad break came up. Maybe it was the chemistry between the two leads or the setting that was just absolutely breathtaking. Or maybe it was the freaking incredible Norah Jones song we got! Whatever it was, it really had me loving this movie!

Honestly, maybe it was that I could definitely relate, at least a little bit with Melanie. Because I can absolutely see myself booking a Christmas vacation without reading the fine print. And I would be just as flustered to discover that I had inadvertently signed myself up to take care of the lighthouse during my stay. Though I would like to think I would handle that news with a little less agitation than Melanie did, the fact of the matter is, I probably wouldn’t. Full disclosure, I probably would have been way worse about it because what a freaking bummer. Especially after she was trying so hard to give Jason a good Christmas.

Keep the Christmas Coming

There is nothing wrong with always enjoying the happy endings that Hallmark always provides us with. And Navigating Christmas is just one more example of that. But Hallmark has clearly found the recipe for success with their movies because I know I’m not the only one who just can’t seem to stop watching them. Are they predictable? Sure. Do I care? Absolutely not. And will I keep watching and loving every single one of them? You freaking know it! There are not enough happy endings in the world and it’s nice to sit back and relax, all cozy, and watch something that we know is going to end well. So I know I’m going to continue sitting and watching Hallmark and I hope they keep the Christmas coming.

Navigating Christmas

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Did you get a chance to watch Navigating Christmas? If you did, what did you think of it? And if not, is it on your list? Or do you prefer a different kind of Christmas movie? What are your favorite Hallmark movie tropes? What about your favorite stars? Find and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to discuss all things Hallmark! Also, be sure to check out our site for more articles, quizzes, and more on all things Disney and beyond!

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