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Artist Interview: K3 Sisters Band

K3 Sisters Band

Image via K3 Sisters Band

So we recently got the awesome opportunity to have a chat with Kaylen, Kelsey, and Kristin, who are the wildly talented women behind the K3 Sisters Band! We talked about their upcoming concert, album, and so much more. Keep reading our article below for the scoop!

Cape & Castle: So you guys have a November madness concert coming up right? Can you tell us a little about that?

K3: This is an annual concert we do called November madness. And it’s always mad hatter-esque. But we always do some of our most high energy songs while in crazy fashion! We actually just picked the lineup for that. The songs we picked for that are some of our most crazy songs and we are so excited for it and are going to bring it!

C&C: As far as your songs go do you have a favorite or a song that is near and dear to your heart?

Kaylen: Our new song Jet Black Hearts is definitely one of our favorites. It was the first song we got to really delve into Kristen’s electric drum kit. And really experiment with dabbling into that sound. A song that I really love that we’ve written as a band is The Train. Because I love the connection of nature and getting inspired by something when you’re in a slump. I love the instrumentation on it.

Kelsey: Jet Black Hearts is my favorite to perform live right now as well and we felt it was really an obligation when writing this song to present it in a way that felt true and authentic. Because we know a lot of people go through that type of toxic love situation we’re talking about in the song. And we have really cool, fun, and dynamic visuals in our music video. We really wrote that song for the good of the people who’ve gone through that toxic relationship. But also just for the good of any listener because it also works as a warning to the people who haven’t experienced that kind of relationship.

Kristen: For me, I think the song right now would be Find My Way. That song is almost an anthem of our generation. We know young people are hurting right now and still having lasting effects from COVID psychologically. We’re still trying to find our way. And so when we wrote that song, we wanted to put messages of you’re not alone. And we have messages of positivity because we have optimism at our core in our band. With this album Jet Black Hearts that is also the true core of it. Our songs are message and warnings to our fans to help them through.

K3 Sisters Band

Image via K3 Sisters Band

C&C: Do you have any new songs or other various projects that are in the works that you are allowed to talk about?

K3: We are constantly writing new material. In fact, that’s one thing that makes us different from other bands. We perform our new songs first at our live stream concerts. And that’s one thing that makes our fans excited to come and see us every other Saturday or so. We’ve got some spoilers. One of our newest modus operadi’s we’ve been experimenting with is using our love for fandoms that we are a part of and creating these fandom raps.

We’ve done one for Harry Potter and Miraculous Lady Bug and recently One Piece based off the live action Netflix show. And we can confirm we do have another rap on the way. For our album release, which is going to be this December, we’re going to be inUniversal studios in Orlando florida and we’re super excited because we are going to be doing a lot of live streaming leading up to the album release. In the parks and Harry Potter world. We always love going there because we always get to meet some of our fans. And dressing up in our Harry Potter outfits!

Cape & Castle: You have been performing together for quite some time. How do you feel that has impacted your relationships as siblings?

K3: You know, sometimes it does get difficult to balance the different hats that we wear as female entrepreneurs. The hats of songwriters, and performers, and then as sisters. Then as social media influencers. So it’s a very delicate balance but we at the end of the day are sisters and friends by choice. We keep that balance by having fun with all of this. Also, because we are so close as sisters, we have a lot of the same interests and the same kind of vision when it comes to our music. So we don’t have very many creative differences, if any at all. Because we have this one, kind of mind. We call it the hive mind when it comes to our song writing and video producing.

C&C: Where do you see yourselves and the band in the next five years?

K3: Well, one of our main goals that we want to achieve in the next five years is to come out with our own documentary. Because we think our story is very interesting and entertaining. And one that the world hasn’t really heard. It would just be very entertaining and as something that isn’t totally music related that’s something that we would really like to dabble in. Another thing we may end up doing, whether it’s in the next five years or sooner or maybe even later, is doing a talk show or entertainment show where we would be the hosts. And we would have either other musical guests come on or it would be like a concert type venue. But DJs have told us to do this and other people in the business have been saying you should all do that. So that’s something we are thinking about.

C&C: Do you have any advice for other bands or individual artists that are trying to start their own careers or immerse themselves into this world?

K3: Social media has really taken a main point on how the world sees you. That’s why we do our live stream concerts. More people join our live streams than we would get right now in an actual show. We get thousands of people to join. So we would say to really become confident in your skills, really learn how to either play your instruments if that’s what you want to do. Learn how to produce if that’s what you want to do. Really try to grow your online audience. Also ensure that you are always really authentic.

That’s something we really focus on. Any content that we are putting out is something we really like and care about. We are always authentic. Another tip is to diversify your social media. Don’t try to stick to only one platform. Try to put your eggs in multiple baskets. Look at the past performers and the way they moved on the stage, their charisma and what they sang about. How they presented themselves. Then find yourself through that. Because at the end of the day you can be inspired by something. And at the end of the day it’s going to sound and be you.

Cape & Castle: If you could go back and give your younger selves advice, what would you say?

K3: Continue to not listen to the hate that you might get. As you continue to grow older, as your music grows with you and your fandom grows with you, you’re going to build a fandom called the K3SB fam that will have your back and will love you no matter what. You’ll end up writing a motto called the #K3motto that will also give not only yourself but those precious fans comfort as well. And it goes like this “I will always believe in myself and celebrate my life and the lives of others. I will respect the music and customs of others as long as they’re not harmful to anyone. I will stand against bullying of any kind and choose love over hate”.

K3 Sisters Band

Image via K3 Sisters Band

C&C: As you’ve been exploring music and finding yourselves and your voices, do you feel there has been any musical influences that have impacted you?

K3: For sure! We didn’t always write original music. Growing up, we were singing covers which is how we learned to sing in three part harmony. So we were listening to our favorite bands at the time like One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift. But also our parents because they were in a band before us and I think hearing our mom sing when we were so young definitely trained our ears to hear the notes. So I think we owe it all to them. We like to respect what we consider our musical ancestors of the 70s rock and roll like The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Neil Young. We like to, especially with this new album, infuse that classic sound of the 60s and 70s rock and roll with some modern techno music.

And that’s what our fans are most excited for because we really experimented with the hybrid drum set which is half techno and half acoustic. So that is the big twist of this album and something we’ve never done before. We also really value not using auto tune or pitch fix in our audio or live shows. There is nothing wrong with that and it sounds good in a lot of music. But the music you hear from us is all us singing and we take our time making sure we get the right take. We’ve been doing this our whole lives so sometimes we do get it in one take. It’s been really fun getting to produce this album and make these songs that we perform live sound exactly how we want.

C&C: What’s your process for when you sit down and start creating a song?

K3: Yeah our songwriting process is different with every song. But sometimes it will by Kristen who comes up with an amazing idea and so she will share it with us and then we come up with the chords. Then we will rehearse it and change it as it goes. So it’s the collaborative effort on every song that makes it. Sometimes one of us will have a kind of backbone of the song and then we will come together and really finalize it and add things here and there. Or maybe we do work on it together from start to finish. It’s very different from song to song. We can be inspired by the most random of things. But most of the time it is by the observation of others around us in society, the movies we watch, and the fandoms we are a part of.

We so enjoyed talking with the K3 Sisters Band and can’t wait to talk with them again! Be sure to stay tuned for their album, dropping this December! And check them out on their social media channels for more on their music, including live performances. You can find and follow Cape & Castle on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And be sure to check out our site for more articles, interviews, quizzes and more on all things Disney and beyond!

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