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Book Review: ‘Fight for Me’ By Hannah Martinez

Okay, so I am all about the longer novels. But I’m also a big fan of a great quick read. One that lets you get yourself all cozy on a rainy day but doesn’t take up the entire day. Just that perfect amount of time where you can shut the world out, focus on that book and just enjoy. And sure, you can do that with a longer read as well. But for me there is just something about a shorter book making it a *chef’s kiss* kind of day. And that was absolutely the case with Fight for Me, Hannah Martinez’s debut novel! So keep reading for my review of this romantic suspense that left me waiting and wishing for more!

Unbelievable Debut

This book was absolutely incredible. It seems to be a debut for Hannah Martinez and I have such a hard time believing that because it read like it was written by an author who has been doing this forever. I’m talking right up there with the likes of Juno Rushdan and BJ Daniels. Who, for me are some definite royalty of the romantic suspense quick-reads genre! They just have a way of creating this perfect, epic, romantic story wrapped up in a fantastic package. It’s magical. They typically take me about four hours to read. And honestly, that’s just the perfect little niche for me. I love my epic adventures, don’t get me wrong. But I just love a read that is fast but influential and sticks with you.

When it came to Fight for Me, everything was so smooth and seamless. Everything was paced so well and it didn’t feel that there was anything wasted. We got an incredible backstory and amazing character development without it feeling too heavy or going on for too long. Because I’m sure we can all think of a book or two where it feels like the backstory just drones on and on. Sometimes to the point of losing interest in the book because you just want to get into it so desperately and you can’t get past the backstory!

Swoonworthy Characters

I absolutely loved the bond between Jenny and Damon. There was so much going on and I wish this book had been ten times longer because I could read about Jenny and Damon forever. I’ve had my fair share of swoonworthy male characters. I have a very long list of favorites. But Damon is going to be one I remember a lot and is definitely going to be pretty close to the top of that list. He showed Jenny so much patience, love, understanding, and empathy that it was heartwarming to read. But he also showed her loyalty and he believed in her. He never wanted to come barging in and take over. Damon wanted to be there in whatever capacity Jenny needed him.

The fact that Damon was also an officer added so many different components to the story and the romance brewing between he and Jenny. She had been so strong on her own for so long and now she had someone to turn to. But that someone was in the same profession as her father. So it’s completely understandable that it made her more than a little wary. And that’s just one more thing Hannah Martinez handled with grace. Because it felt so real. All of the emotions Jenny was experiencing and all the thoughts going through her head were so realistic and raw. And it made me love Jenny as a character that much more.

Author Watch

This book sucked me in and I think it still has me because I’m going to be here just hoping that we haven’t heard the last of Damon and Jenny. And I’ll also be adding Hannah Martinez to my list of authors to watch! She’s incredible! I strongly recommend this book if you are a fan of romantic suspense, small town, strong heroines and heroes, and heartwarming romance. Even if you aren’t a fan of any of that, I still recommend giving this book a shot because it was truly just fantastic.

Have you checked out Fight for Me yet? If not, I strongly recommend that you sprint to your nearest bookstore or type as fast as possible into Amazon and get yourself a copy of this book. If you have had the amazing opportunity to check it out, let me know what you think! Did you love Jenny and Damon as much as I did? Are you going to be on the lookout for more from Hannah Martinez? If you haven’t read it yet, does it sound like one you’ll be adding to your TBR? Find and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to talk all things Fight for Me (or any book)! And be sure to check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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