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Author Appreciation: Gia Cobie

It’s time for another Author Appreciation! I’ve recently discovered a super talented author who has written some incredible romance books. But she’s also hit me hard with the first book in her new romantic suspense series, Police and Fire: Operation Alpha; Blade and Arrow Security! The first book in the series, Saved from Revenge, is available now on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited and paperback! You can also check out her incredible Tenebris Desire series here! That series is all about the paranormal and is an amazing vampire romance series! I got the opportunity to interview Gia on all things books and writing, plus I got to speak with her a bit about how she has grown up in upstate New York, which is my neck of the woods! So keep reading for my chat with Gia Cobie!

How do you come up with the characters for your books?

Sometimes I have an idea for a character based on a real-world association (a career I’m interested in, a job I enjoyed, or a life experience). Other times, I have the story in mind already and I create a character that I think will fit well.

What types of scenes do you find the most difficult to write and how do you go about approaching them?

Since I’m working on a series, but still want each book to be readable as a standalone, it can be challenging to reintroduce the premise and characters while not making it boring for readers who’ve already read the previous books. I try to change up the setting and POV, plus I re-read those parts a lot!

If you’re writing a novel and an idea comes to you for another story, do you write it down for later, or do you have to push that aside for the current story you’re working on?

I write it down for later. I have a board full of them-I’m constantly jotting down new story ideas, thoughts about future characters, and possible plot twists.

I’ve heard that many authors try to stay away from reading reviews for their books. Is that true for you?

Since I’m a relatively new author, I haven’t learned that lesson yet! But I’m working on it. 😉

How did you come up with the characters and plot in ‘Saved from Revenge’?

The plot developed from the twist at the end, actually. Once I had the idea for the “big reveal”, everything else flowed from there. The MMC (Cole) was the first character I developed when I came up with the idea for the series.

Where do you see the series going from here? Will we meet more secondary characters that will eventually get their own stories as well?

Absolutely! All of the Blade and Arrow teammates will get their own story, and some other characters will be introduced that should show up in a future series.

Did you have any authors that really inspired you to become an author yourself?

There are so many! Probably the author who really had a big impact on me growing up is Stephen King-which sounds funny, considering I write romance! But he really got me hooked on reading. And the author that actually gave me the push to start writing real books (instead of just coming up with them in my head) is Susan Stoker.

What books are you currently reading?

Pearl’s Fight by Jane Blythe. She’s one of my favorite authors.

What other projects do you have coming up that you can tell us about?

Well, I have some more books in the Blade and Arrow series in the works. Book 2 is out for pre-order, book 3 is in editing, and I’m working on book 4 now. But I also have an urban romantic suspense series that I’m planning on starting in the fall. It will be loosely associated with the Blade and Arrow series, so you’ll see some familiar names throughout.

What is your favorite book genre to read?


Do you feel like growing up in upstate New York has influenced your writing style or the characters you create?

Definitely. I like to include that sense of community that comes with living in a smaller town or city. And I love visiting my favorite places in my books- my characters head all over upstate NY! There are lots of trips to Lake George (where I spent a lot of time growing up) and the Adirondacks.

Have you had the chance to check out any of Gia Cobie’s novels? If you have, which one has been your favorite so far? Are you as excited as we are for the next book in her Blade and Arrow Security series? Find and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to share your thoughts on all things Gia Cobie, books, and more! Plus, be sure to check out our site for all things Disney and beyond! And for all things Gia Cobie, you can check out her site here! Be sure to be on the lookout for her next novel, coming soon!

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