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Cape & Castle Celebrates Four Years

As of July 10th, 2023, Cape & Castle will have officially been in existence for four whole years! And while that is crazy to fathom, it has been an amazing journey with a lot of changes along the way. Of course, there are more changes to come. So keep reading for a rundown on what we’ve been up to the last four years and what we have in store for the future.

Creation and Beginning

Christine Cenon had an amazing idea for a site. And Cape & Castle was born. It was definitely her brainchild and something that has meant a lot to her. She brought Sarah Baye and Sarah Cudlipp along with her for the ride as her co-founders. We started off being all about Disney, including Marvel. Then the decision was made to branch out and include shows and movies from different studios as long as they had someone who had been involved with Disney at some point acting in it.

Cape & Castle

As changes were made and deals were completed for Disney to take over Hulu and FOX, we also decided to open up the site to shows and movies from all networks and studios. Of course, it wasn’t long after that we decided to branch out from TV shows and movies to books, video games, music, news, and so much more! We added plenty of writers to our family along the way. And we had some very cool podcasts created.

Our Family

One thing Christine had made clear from moment one that both Sarah B and Sarah C were fully in agreement with was that we wanted to have a culture in our site and with our writing family that didn’t include pressures or added stress. This was always meant to be something fun, interactive, and also a really cool way for us to interact with some of our favorite celebs, authors, influencers, and more. So we made sure that each and every writer that came on board was trained equally so they weren’t constantly required to have someone publish their articles for them. Once they learned what they needed and felt confident, they were good to go.

But that didn’t mean we weren’t all here for them still. Any time they want an extra set of eyes, some inspiration, or help in any other form, we’ve got their back. Because we have absolutely become a family. We don’t talk every day, or even as much as we would like to. But every one of them knows they have a safe place with us. And we are here when or if they need us. So being able to publish their own articles means the site pretty much runs itself.

Outside Pressures

Unfortunately, the internet can be a pretty cruel place. And some of our people were being harassed pretty epically in really terrible ways because they expressed their opinions. This continued over time and over different social media and just really sucked. And unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we can’t prevent all of the a-holes from bullying and harassment. On top of that, life has absolutely caused plenty of interruptions for plenty of our people.

And that’s ok. One thing that’s great about the internet, is that it isn’t going anywhere. So if any of our writers need to pop out for a bit and deal with things, it’s all good. They have the freedom to do that. And they know they can hop back in at any time. We all still love each other the same and no one will ever be kicked out. No matter what.

Changes Then, Now, and Looking Forward

Now that we’ve grown, and hope to continue growing, we expect to have more changes. Christine decided to pursue other passions for now and the rest of the family is still here to support her wholeheartedly in her continuing badass adventures. She will always have a home with us. Sarah B is also off kicking ass with her own adventures and the rest of us couldn’t be more proud of both of them. At this time, they’ve decided to be our Cape & Castle Board. Which is pretty freaking cool.

This left Sarah C as Editor-In-Chief which is also pretty cool. But she certainly was going to need someone to be her partner in crime to keep the site going in awesome directions and continue doing our best to make Christine and Sarah B proud. So Kat Jacot agreed to become our Managing Editor. She’s crazy talented and has been a part of this project for almost as long as Sarah C has. Together, Sarah C and Kat are working to continue gaining writers, working on new content ideas and continuing to branch out.

Thanks To You

But none of it would even be possible if it weren’t for each and every one of our readers. Those who share our articles, comment, like, and subscribe to emails. All of it. Every single time you support us it helps us to grow and we truly can’t express how grateful we are to all of you. But we do like to at least try to show some appreciation! So we encourage you to keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter, and even our Facebook for any giveaways we come up with. And if you are interested in joining our Cape & Castle family, email or DM us on Instagram and let us know!

Cape & Castle

Be sure to also check out our site for our content on all things Disney and beyond! That includes articles, quizzes, podcasts, and whatever other goodies we can come up with along the way. Thank you again for sticking with us and supporting us these last four years! Cheers to all of you and here’s to the next four years and beyond!

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