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‘NCISLA’ 14×20 Recap: “New Beginnings, Part One”

NCISLA is nearly done. Honestly, we’re not ready to say goodbye. After 14 seasons of watching these agents solve crimes and find love, joy, and friendship, it’s a bittersweet feeling to know that they will be gone. But so far, we can see some exciting things happening for those we love in the Office of Special Projects. Let’s go over what happened on NCISLA 14×20.

NCISLA 14×20 brings us closer to the end

In the episode, the team is called to work with an undercover ATF agent who had been working to find out where some men were obtaining military-grade weapons. At first, though, they were told by another agent, Kerry Adams, that he may not be trusted.

While Kensi and Deeks worked together on overwatch, Rountree and Fatima worked together to learn more about William Newsome, the agent in question. With help from Nina Barnes, both Callen and Sam were able to figure out what kinds of weapons were being distributed, but she still needed to find out who the seller was.

Fatima has a hunch

On a hunch, Fatima looks into Kerry Adams’s financials. It turned out she was being paid large sums of money so she was the one who was dirty, not William. They still needed to find another way to catch her since they could no longer use the finances. She had not gotten a warrant so it’s inadmissable.

As they were working on the case, we also had some big things in store for Anna and Callen. They were busy planning their wedding, but things kept going wrong. Their band cancelled and even when calling Arkady for help, it still didn’t ease the stress from Anna’s mind. Maybe they will elope at this point.

Plus, Kensi was also not feeling well during the course of the episode. While it could be a case of food poisoning thanks to her loving husband, is it possible there’s more to it? We’ll find out for sure when the series finale airs on May 21, 2023.

Our thoughts on NCISLA 14×20

All in all, it was good to see the team working on a case together. Plus, we also had a peek in finding out what was going on with their lives. Kensi and Deeks are enjoying family life with Rosa. Callen and Anna have a wedding to plan. And Sam tries convincing his dad to do a study for his Alzheimer’s. Overall, the episode was enjoyable to watch.

We’re not sure if they are going to cover any other loose ends. These include Kessler and Hetty’s possible return. But we hope that the series will be fitting for the entire show as a whole.

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