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‘911 on FOX’ 6×18 Recap: “Pay It Forward”

911 on FOX aired its final episode of season 6 on the FOX network. Even though we will see it again on ABC, we have yet to learn what is in store once the season begins. But for now, we can dive into the finale and see what worked and could have been better. Let’s go over what happened on the season finale of 911 on FOX 6×18.

The big emergency on 911 on FOX 6×18

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After a debriefing in which Captain Nash could barely keep his firefighters focused, the team was off to a call on a highway overpass. A young woman, Jo, traveling with her guardian, Mallory, had been in a collision with another van. Unfortunately for the entire 118, a sleep-deprived truck driver had veered in the wrong direction and hit one of the pillars underneath the bridge, causing a collapse.

With the ambulance just barely hanging on by a thread and crushing the camper van from their call, which Eddie is inside of, the entire team is in danger. Hen is unconscious at the wheel with a concussion and Chimney has been impaled with the leg of the gurney. Buck, who had tried to get to the ambulance, ended up smashing against the windshield once the ground gave way.

Bobby ended up disappearing, unable to make it to Ravi on the other side of the bridge. In the air, Lucy, having been about to transport Mallory due to a spinal injury, called it in to dispatch. Maddie was the one who took the call and had the strength to continue working despite knowing her fiance, brother, and entire family were in the collapse.

Taking charge the Buckley way

Both Maddie and Buck took charge in making sure help got to the ones they loved. Even though Buck was likely banged up and bruised, he carefully made sure to check on Hen and Chimney, who avoided telling them about his own injury. In fact, for some reason likely due to shock, he had pulled out the piece of the gurney that had impaled him.

Even though their victim, Jo, was herself injured, she helped Chimney get the supplies he needed to dress his wounds. In the meantime, Buck checked on Hen and we got a sweet moment where Hen also cleaned his face, despite her own injuries.

With Ravi’s help, Buck got a harness to Hen so she could focus on rescuing Jo and Chimney while he went to Eddie. For his part, Eddie had been crushed beneath the van but was stuck underneath a refrigerator. Luckily, Buck got to him in time and pulled him out, in a scene reminiscent of when he pulled Eddie out of danger from the sniper.

Even with her head injury, Hen still has to take charge as captain since Bobby is missing. Having arrived on the scene, Athena hears this but still manages to do her job despite knowing her husband is MIA.

Heart of a Champion makes his return

In a touching callback to season 2, we got to see the return of Jeff, who we met in the earthquake in season 2. Bobby had saved his life and now, Jeff got to do the same in return. Even though Athena told him to stay back from the crash, Jeff was instrumental in helping them find Bobby.

Bobby had been trying to make noise inside the shipping container he had landed in. Once Athena finds him, they reunite, but just before the camper van comes crashing down. This causes them to become stuck as Chimney holds on for dear life to the ambulance.

Since Hen is still concussed, Buck quickly rushes back to save his soon-to-be brother-in-law. Maddie is relieved to hear him announce over the radio that Chimney is safe.

With Eddie, Hen, and Chimney now safely on the ground, though injured, they turn to help Bobby. Just like the team did earlier this season, Buck saves Bobby as well, making sure he gets the help he needs at the hospital.

Buck really stepped up when his team needed him most. He recognized that he needed to be their lifeline and once Hen was coherent, he could focus and leave the captain role with her. Still, he did his job and saved everyone they cared about.

While the team does not recognize Jeff, after all, it has been five years, he recognizes Bobby. It had to be such a touching moment for Jeff to realize that he helped save the man who saved him as well. We would love to see him again and see how he is doing!

Reunions and new beginnings

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We got such a heartfelt moment in the hospital between Athena and Maddie once their men were safe. Their scenes together have always been wonderful to watch and knowing Maddie had a hard time reconnecting with everyone, it showed just how much we need to see her more entwined with her family and not just Chimney and Buck, even though we love their scenes of course.

Chimney and Maddie had been working on figuring out where to get married and they eventually decide to have a wedding at home. This would be so perfect since this is the home where they rebuilt their family. As long as we see her brother walking her down the aisle, we are thrilled!

As for Buck, he’s barely home when he finds Kameron in labor. While helping to get her help and to get things ready for the baby, Natalia arrives. It’s an unexpected entrance, but she is able to help Buck deliver the baby boy. Buck has a moment with the baby where he takes a moment to take in what he did to get the baby into the world before passing him to Kameron.

Difficult though it may be, it’s obvious Buck is proud of helping Connor and Kameron. Even if Connor was not the best husband to Kameron, he still came through to be with her and the baby. Buck made sure Connor knew that what he needed was for Connor to love the little boy. Knowing Buck himself never felt love from his parents, this was such a touching moment for them.

Another exciting addition was for Hen and Karen! After fostering for so long, they have the possibility of adopting a baby girl if her grandmother can’t take her in. We’re so excited to see them expanding their family!

New romances on 911 on FOX 6×18?

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Now let’s get into the romances. We know both Buck and Eddie have been on journeys this season when it comes to love. Buck had his couch metaphor he was focusing on and Eddie was figuring out what it meant not to feel alone.

Buck has been one to find himself in relationships that didn’t work out and not understand how he got into them, at least according to Bobby. While it looked like Natalia was perfect on paper, she still left in a moment where things became overwhelming. It is completely understandable considering Buck’s love life and how messy it was.

However, is that the best way for Buck to see his new relationship? It would have been better for him to realize he could be content with himself and alone. But maybe his new relationship can give him a better understanding of himself and if he realizes he’s not content, he’ll figure things out before it gets messy.

How do we really feel about this surprise development on 911 on FOX 6×18?

As for Eddie, he is a bit of a hypocrite. But an adorable hypocrite honestly. He apparently really liked running into Marisol again and had been thinking of contacting her. Of course, this is also the same Marisol he met on an earlier call. And Eddie just told Buck it’s never a good idea to date someone they meet on a call.

Although now apparently he’s “Eddie from the hardware store” so who knows? Even though it’s something that came completely out of the left field and seemed to be put in quickly, seeing Eddie learn how to date is fun.

But, wait, didn’t he date Ana? Yes, he did, and thinking about it now, he was very awkward in that relationship as well. “She taught me math,” anybody? “Maybe you should leave first?”

This man has now been confirmed to have only one other relationship and it was with Shannon. She was his entire life from the age of 14 so it makes sense that he hasn’t gotten out in the dating world much. So if he dates Marisol and sees what he wants in a relationship, he might learn how to not stick to one that he ends up not enjoying.

Our thoughts on the episode.

All in all, the episode had such an amazing message about family and taking care of one another. Even though the last 15 minutes may have felt off-putting, we saw how the characters came together to be there for one another.

Plus, Bobby and Athena finally got to go on their honeymoon. We just hope season 7 opens after their vacation so they can enjoy it!

Next time, we’ll be calling this show 911 on ABC so we’re looking forward to that!

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