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‘911 on FOX’ 6×17 Episode Recap: “Love is in the Air”

911 on FOX has had quite a week! Not only was the show canceled by FOX and picked up by ABC, but we also had two fewer promo weeks to wonder what would happen in the last two episodes! No, seriously, FOX, where is the promo for the season finale? At any rate, let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×17, “Love is in the Air.”

911 on FOX 6×17 shows that love may not be for everyone

As it turned out, love was not in the air for several people on calls. One of the first calls made was to a proposal gone wrong, in which the man’s parachute became stuck in a robber’s truck. Even though his girlfriend eventually said yes to the proposal, she admits to Chimney and Eddie she didn’t want to say no after he was hurt.

Yikes, that is not a good way to start an engagement. The calls also cause Chimney to keep wondering if he should propose to Maddie. In fact, he even laments this possibility to the poor insurance agent taking his claim of losing the ring.

Speaking of engagement rings, Maddie finds the ring in Jee’s dollhouse. She is clearly surprised and shaken up before trying on the ring. Unfortunately, it gets stuck, so she goes to her brother for help. Buck is surprised to see the ring, revealing that he knew about the proposal and that Chimney had lost it.

While trying to find his ring cutter (and why do you have a ring cutter, Buck?), he ends up revealing Hen’s doubts about the engagement. Maddie is not thrilled at all and goes to Hen to talk to her.

Maddie stands up for herself and wants to marry that man

Hen and Maddie have a talk, with Hen telling Maddie she was only protecting Chimney from himself. But Maddie knows that her boyfriend was feeling anxious and overthinking, considering what happened the last time he tried to propose to someone. We can see that Maddie and Chimney are doing much better and clearly, Maddie wants to marry that man.

Once Hen helps her get the ring off, Maddie plans her own breakfast proposal with Jee’s help. In a beautiful scene, Maddie and Jee propose with a heart ring that Maddie bought so their daughter could be a part of the proposal. This is one proposal that did go right!

We also got to see Eddie trying his best to look for love in all the wrong places. We learned more about his relationship with Shannon. They met when they were 14 and started dating four years later. So essentially, other than Ana, Eddie has never been on a date with anyone else. He goes to Bobby for advice, who tells him that Athena was someone he hadn’t been looking for until she was there, sitting beside him during a hard time.

Are Eddie and Buck just bad at relationships?

Eddie ends up running into a woman named Marisol, who we met in an earlier episode. Her brother had been trapped in the attic after a renovation and she called them for help. While it would appear this is another type of meet-cute for Eddie, we also have to remember he’s the one who told Buck it’s never a good idea to date someone from a call. He also technically helped his last girlfriend during his shift. So is this a new romance for Eddie?

Speaking of romance, Buck spent the episode trying to get to know Natalia and spend time with her. However, he is constantly interrupted by exes. Not only does Lucy bump into them while out, Buck also sees Taylor Kelly on the news promoting her new book about her adventures with his team.

Natalia seems to take things in stride until Kameron shows up. Connor has been acting weird the closer they get to the baby coming. Upset with his actions, Kameron needed time to herself and turned to Buck for a place to stay. The knowledge of this new aspect of Buck’s life causes Natalia to leave.

Buck shows what a good friend he can be and we’re here for it

Buck hasn’t been having much luck in the love department and honestly, it would be nice to see a partner of his who stepped into things with him without running at the first chance she got. However, Buck turns his focus to Kameron, making sure she’s comfortable and even getting her pickles even though she’s asleep when he gets home.

Now we would love to see Buck and Kameron being friends, especially since Buck really does need a friend outside the 118, as much as we love his relationships. Plus, he could also learn how to be a friend to a woman without having to date them. Hopefully, Connor can step up and figure out that even though he’s not the biological father, he is still the baby’s dad.

All in all, the episode did provide us with the long-awaited Madney proposal and gave us the knowledge that Bobby and Athena are sharing their fourth anniversary together. Now let’s just hope whatever awaits us in the finale does not make us cry.

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