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‘NCISLA’ 14×19 Episode Recap: “The Reckoning”

The newest episode of NCISLA brought the Pembrook storyline to a close, allowing Callen to move on as the series moves toward completion. As we get closer to the finish line, we still have many questions about some storylines and how things will play out, especially with only two episodes remaining at this stage. Let’s see what happened on NCISLA 14×19.

NCISLA 14×19 brings us closer to finishing one arc

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NCISLA 14×19 showed the aftermath of the last meeting with Anthony Beltran when a member of the DRONA project was shot. While the CIA are in the middle of transporting Lauren, four members are shot and killed.

While Callen and Kensi investigate the shooting, a member of the CIA goes to ops, wanting to talk to Callen. However, Callen refuses to come in and Kilbride won’t bring him in either. Instead, Callen is contacted by Pembrook himself, wanting to talk with him.

As the rest of the team searches for Bertran and finds that the CIA officer at Ops is involved as well, Callen works with Pembrook as they escape Bertran’s crew. In the aftermath, Callen learns that Hetty is the one who pulled him out of the DRONA project but never told him.

Before he can find out the truth, the NSA takes Pembrook into custody. However, Pembrook meets with him in order to give him some answers. He tries to tell Callen about how Hetty saw him like a son and wanted to look out for him. But it doesn’t change the feelings of deceit he has had over the years.

As the season ends, will we see other arcs to completion?

NCISLA 14x19

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It also sounds like Pembrook took credit for bringing Sam into his life as a friend. Really, though, Sam and Callen built an amazing friendship on their own.

This episode was very much focused on Callen so we didn’t see a lot from the others. In fact, Deeks all but disappeared at one point. Sam was also not present since he had personal matters to attend to. With only two episodes left, we hope there will be a resolution for all of our beloved characters. They do deserve that much after 14 seasons.

Plus, we also know the Kessler situation was never resolved. Will there be a mention of him ever being caught? Hopefully, the series will figure out a way to tie up these loose ends before the final episode.

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