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‘911 on FOX’ 6×16 Episode Recap: “Lost and Found”

911 on FOX, which just got the announcement that it would be moving to ABC for season seven, had a new episode called “Lost and Found.” In the midst of the news that FOX had cancelled the series, we also learned in the same breath it would still be saved. This time, the ABC network would be taking over for season 7. We all breathed a sigh of relief! Maybe a crossover is in the works? Until then, let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×16.

Chimney wants to propose to Maddie

After considering the idea of marriage thanks to the tax accountant, Chimney decides to buy a ring. But as he goes through the day, he goes back and forth trying to decide it’s a good idea. He seemingly gets support from Hen, who goes ring shopping with him. But there seem to be mixed feelings for Chimney when it comes to if he should go through with it.

The entire 118 supports him, especially Buck, who is looking forward to being official brothers with Chimney. Hen, however, is feeling protective in the wake of all that happened when Maddie went to get help for her PPD. She knew how hurt Chimney was and wanted to make sure that he and Maddie were ready for that step.

Meanwhile, Buck was immensely protective of Maddie and thought they deserved to be happy. Of course, they were both protective of the people they loved the most so they had their own feelings when it came to the situation. When you have a unique perspective on someone you love, it can be hard to see the other side.

The ring goes missing

After some gross calls, including a young girl with tonsil stones and two roommates in a landfill, Chimney realizes the ring is missing. He thinks the team is pranking them until he asks Hen about it. Eventually, Hen admits she thinks he might be making a mistake.

In explaining herself, Hen shows that she was concerned about Chimney because of how hurt he was over Maddie leaving. The only problem was she was making a judgment call based on very little information. Chimney informed her that he and Maddie worked things out and were in a better place.

Hen realized she overstepped and apologized. While she was trying to be supportive, Hen could have gone about things much differently. The important thing is she and Chimney talked it out and both were able to gain a new perspective when it came to the situation.

Chimney, in this conversation, also realized the fears he had were gone once he was able to voice things out loud. But losing the ring still made him worry things wouldn’t work out when it came to marriage.

The ring is not really missing on 911 on FOX

As it turns out, an adorable little thief made off with the ring! While in Bobby’s office waiting for Maddie to pick Jee up, Chimney didn’t notice her taking the ring out of the box. Somehow, this sneaky little toddler managed to get the ring home and into her dollhouse with Maddie being unaware of what was happening.

Most likely, this will lead to Maddie finding the ring and making a decision about her future with Chimney. It would be a wonderful moment to see her take charge and assure Chimney that she knows they are meant to be together no matter what the universe throws at them.

Our thoughts on 911 on FOX 6×16

This was a good episode of the series and showcased Hen and Chimney’s friendship in such an impactful way. No matter how you look at what preceded their argument, it’s clear that Hen and Chimney truly care for one another. Even if things may get lost in translation, they show communication is key when it comes to making sure everyone understands the full story.

With the news of 911 moving to ABC, we look forward to discovering what will come for the characters. Until then, we have two episodes to go until the season finale!

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