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‘NCISLA’ 14×18 Episode Recap: “Sensu Lato”

NCISLA 14×18 focused on an investigation into the assault of a retired Naval reservist. Commander Dr. Darryl Howard is currently working as a professor of entomology when he is attacked during a robbery gone wrong. It’s up to the team to find out if his attack is related to the research he has done in the past for the Navy.

NCISLA 14×18 finds the team looking into a robbery gone wrong

Through the course of the investigation, the team looks into who attacked and put Dr. Howard into a coma. The only thing that stands out is some moths were taken from the lab and it looks as though pesticides are missing as well, according to his lab assistant, Arjun.

After looking into companies that may be harmed by Howard’s research into the negative effects of pesticides, the team discovers he had a longtime visitor, Dr. Claire Winchester. They eventually find out that the DoD had tasked the two professors with looking into how genetically modified moths could reduce the need for pesticides.

However, if taken by people for nefarious use, it could lead to ecological warfare. They learn that despite having claimed earlier, Howard’s assistant did work with him on this research. Looking into his bank records, they found he was using cryptocurrency to disguise payments he was receiving from a foreign company to aid in the theft of the moths.

Kensi and Deeks faced some differences in opinion on romance

Luckily, the team was able to catch up to Arjun and figure out how to locate the men who abducted Dr. Winchester, including the moths, which were apparently the most important parts of the case. But we’re glad the bad guys were caught and everyone is safe. While it is unknown, hopefully, Dr. Howard will make a full recovery.

Elsewhere in the episode, we saw Kensi and Deeks dealing with the normal married couple’s woes. That, in this case, involved romance and how it could be different in a marriage. Deeks appeared to fall into feelings of not needing to do dates like they did before. However, Kensi wants to make sure they keep the romance alive.

After realizing how much this means to Kensi, and not wanting to lose the special connection they share, Deeks plans a date night. We love seeing them come together and communicate their wants and needs. This shows how important their marriage and relationship is to one another.

Is Sam up for promotion in NCISLA 14×18?

Sam also got a promotion of sorts in the episode. Admiral Kilbride wanted to make Sam in charge when he was unavailable to lead the team. It’s not something Sam was looking into, but Kilbride believes in his qualifications. Sam is a natural leader and he showed this in how well he handled the investigation. If the series ends with Sam in this role, then we would be more than thrilled to see this!

It’s hard to believe we are so close to the end of the series. There are still so many questions left for the show to answer. Plus, we have a wedding for Callen and Anna to look forward to!

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