911 on FOX 6x15

‘911 on FOX’ 6×15 Recap: “Death and Taxes”

911 on FOX brought us a brand new episode that gave the phrase “Death and Taxes” a whole new meaning. While Maddie and Chimney dealt with a surprise audit, Buck met a death doula, and Athena dealt with a confusing case of mistaken identity. Let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×15.

Maddie and Chimney are audited on 911 on FOX 6×15

We love it when Maddie and Chimney get to shine in the show and this episode gave us everything. Although we do have to wonder how exactly they did their taxes without fully comparing notes. At first, they did think they were in big trouble, but the tax lady told them to refile.

One thing the entire fiasco did give us was an adorable moment with Jee when she woke up and saw her parents eating ice cream. Not that they did so, but how to say no to that adorable face is something I cannot imagine.

After getting help from the tax agent who they met on a call, he tells them filing together as a married couple next year would help. The question leaves them both feeling different ways. While Maddie is unsure about getting married, Chimney is already looking for rings.

Despite being unsure, Maddie does admit to Josh at work that while she hadn’t considered being married again, Chimney is different. And he is, of course. He has been a partner she’s needed since the moment she got to LA. A Madney wedding would be the perfect way to show their love for each other.

While one Buckley sibling got to move forward, another took a bit of a step back. Or two or three.

Buck meets a death doula

911 on FOX 6x15

CR: Jack Zeman/ FOX.

The 118 responds to a call at a living funeral, where Buck learns about the term “death doula.” The young woman, Natalia, helps people come to terms with death. While treating a scratch on her hand, Buck tells her about his brush with death. She is seemingly fascinated and invites him out for coffee.

Buck finds himself interested in her, especially when she responds differently to his death than everyone else. Natalia thinks it’s “cool” how he died briefly. For Buck, he feels as though she sees how he’s been given the gift of a new life. In reality, he hasn’t truly dealt with what happened to him. He hasn’t fully embraced the impact it had on him.

While talking to Eddie at a call victim’s grave, Buck tells him about Natalia. But for Eddie, he doesn’t see how dating someone from a call is good for him. He also has the realization that Buck has been changed by the lightning strike and that it could have a similar impact on him. Eddie is one of the few people who truly see Buck for all he is. So to have Buck go after someone who only sees him for how he died affects him greatly.

Loneliness seems to be a theme for Eddie

For Eddie in the episode, he is dealing with the idea of loneliness. He admitted to his Tia Pepa he does not want to end up alone. But with Christopher growing up and Buck not quite doing so well, he does feel like he needs a tether to hold onto.

Having visited Shannon’s grave with his son, Eddie seemed like he was on the path forward. But there are still bumps to be had. While planning a trip to El Paso to see his parents, it looks like Eddie is focused on using the time he has to spend with his family.

Athena’s weird call

It’s been a while since we saw Athena at work and in this case, it just led to confusion. The police had a search warrant for a man named Dominic Dawson, who stole money from his own charity. Unfortunately for Athena, the man dies while in transport.

Athena feels unsettled about what happened and it’s made even more confusing when she visits the medical examiner. The man who is supposedly Dominic is not him. In fact, Dominic had apparently taken medication to make it look like he had died of a heart attack.

Once they finally found him, the medication eventually took a toll and caused a real heart attack. It stuck this time, apparently.

Our thoughts on 911 on FOX 6×15

911 on FOX 6x15

CR: Jack Zeman/ FOX.

Overall, this was a good episode that showed where each of the characters was likely heading. While Maddie and Chimney might get to an eventual engagement, Eddie is dealing with potential loneliness. Buck is forever on the search for what is in front of him, and Ravi and Hen are just trying to live their best lives.

All in all, we’re looking forward to what is next for our beloved 118. Let us know in the comments what you think of “Death and Taxes.” Find us on social media for more content.

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