911 on FOX 6x14

‘911 on FOX’ 6×14 Recap: “Performance Anxiety”

911 on FOX always has such great episodes and this one was no different! Not only did “Performance Anxiety” allow us to get inside Chimney’s feelings about the possibility of a new role. It also showed us where Eddie is in terms of the dating scene. Let’s go over what happened in the newest episode of 911 on FOX 6×14.

Chimney is on the move on 911 on FOX 6×14

911 on FOX 6x14

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It’s performance review time at the firehouse, a policy that is purely for Bobby. But he also has his crew give him reviews as well. Except for the fact none of them truly want to do that and just come up with random things to try to get out of it.

When Chimney gets his review, he finds that he is given an “Outstanding” in everything other than leadership. It’s a confusing blow for him, as being a leader is something he thinks he can’t do. However, this is far from the truth.

Arriving at the LAFD training academy, he finds Ravi there, our favorite probie who has been missing for the bulk of season 6. We learned that Ravi injured his shoulder while on an off-duty rescue and has been teaching new probies at the academy. Seeing how he handles them reminds us of Buck teaching him the ropes. He truly is Buck’s protege!

What Chimney and Ravi needed

Chimney and Ravi working together allowed them both to see their own leadership qualities. While Chimney has been afraid to step into a leadership role after losing his pseudo-brother Kevin, Ravi actually couldn’t deal with his feelings about the underwater rescue. It turned out the man he saved was trying to kill his kids.

Ravi didn’t know how to put away the idea of saving someone who didn’t deserve it. Using his own mentor and friend Eli’s advice, Chimney reminds him about how he needs to be able to hand it off to someone else and just do the job the best way he knows how.

Chimney is such an amazing leader and we know this, but it was something he needed to realize for himself. And he also realized his mission from Bobby was to help Ravi through his own performance anxiety and come back to the firehouse.

Eddie is set up on a date

Eddie’s Tia Pepa means well and we love her for it all the same. She calls Eddie for help with a leaky pipe, but in actuality, she is setting him up on a blind date. Seeing her nephew alone, as she believes him to be, causes her to step in and set him up with her friend’s niece. While it’s well-meaning, it catches Eddie off guard and he’s not prepared.

While he agrees to the date just for his Tia, he still wants to let the woman, Vanessa, down gently. He tells his coworkers this, with Buck teasing him about not doing well in that department. He did, literally, tell his ex-girlfriend to go home first while breaking things off with her. Eddie reveals that dating feels like a performance, much to the confusion of everyone else.

Luckily for Eddie, Vanessa is not into the idea of dating either. She just went along with it as well and they both decide to come up with a story for their Tias. However, even when Eddie does this, Tia Pepa is no fool.

Tia Pepa tells Eddie a secret, that she was married before she met his Tio Paco. It’s a family secret because of her mother, but it also reveals a lot. She was not ready to find love again and it took her a long time. She wants to see Eddie happy and not lonely. He does agree but doesn’t say much.

It’s obvious Eddie would like to be in a relationship again, but he’s scared. He clearly feels as though dating has expectations behind it and he doesn’t want to go through that. One day he will be able to figure out who his one big love is.

Bobby just wants a review

CR: Jack Zeman/ FOX.

After Hen gets her review, in which she got a perfect score with a reminder to update her paramedic’s license, she tells Athena about it while making dinner for her family. Hen reveals that she is also nervous about letting Nathaniel into their lives. She is worried about what will happen if Denny ever feels like he needs to run to Nathaniel instead of her and Karen.

It’s something Athena assures her that she is just feeling anxious about. And even though Denny is worried about things being perfect, Hen decides they will just be themselves.

With the focus being on Ravi, Chimney, and Eddie, the rest of the crew was mostly in the background. We did get to see Athena take charge when a bodybuilder competition ended with angry fans. Plus, Maddie helped a kid with anxiety by singing to him. Later, she sang to Jee with Chimney joining in.

Buck, who had a big arc at the beginning of the second half of the season, got to sit back and take it easy. Of course, he didn’t make things easy on Bobby or let him do the same. When he saw that Bobby gave him a good score despite his PT scores being less than perfect, he reminded Bobby to treat him like everyone else. This led to Bobby asking for his own review.

We don’t know what Buck said, but we’re sure he wished he had not said anything! We’re looking forward to how he continues to deal with his date with death as the rest of the season plays out.

Our thoughts

Overall, this was a great episode of 911 on FOX. All of the characters got to learn something about themselves while also dealing with things in their personal lives that they weren’t ready to deal with. But sometimes, we just need a push to look deeper inside ourselves.

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