NCISLA 14x17

‘NCISLA’ 14×17 Recap: “Maybe Today”

NCIS: Los Angeles is close to being over and we’re not ready to let go. But for now, we get to enjoy new episodes, especially after a short hiatus, mostly due to basketball. In the newest episode, the team helped on a cold case of a woman who was killed decades ago. Let’s go over what happened on NCISLA 14×17.

The team is asked to help on a cold case on NCISLA 14×17

NCISLA 14x17

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Britney Perez was a young woman who went missing in 2003. There was no information on where she could be until her car was found submerged in a lake. Despite the fact the team does not work cold cases, they are there by request. The NCIS Cold Case Unit calls them and they meet with Agent Daisy Van Zant.

Once Britney’s body is discovered, they work to figure out who killed her. Eventually, evidence leads them to a man named Aaron Baker, who got into an argument with her before she went missing. Because of a docuseries on the case, his family is reluctant to talk to NCIS. However, evidence from a tooth found in Britney’s car could lead to her killer.

Eventually, they learn that Britney’s roommate, Jen Anderson, had left the military right before Britney’s disappearance. After Kensi and Deeks go to speak to her, she admits that she was assaulted by Aaron. Britney knew and was trying to help her get justice.

Then the team is surprised to discover Aaron is not the killer. It was his father, Jack, who apparently killed Britney to protect his son. He is also too proud to be taken to prison and rather than be arrested, he raises his weapon towards Sam, thereby being shot.

Father and son work on their relationship

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While NCISLA 14×17 also dealt with the team helping on a cold case, we saw Kilbride with his son, Alex. Even though things are tense at first, he can see his son is not doing well. His relationship has fallen apart and he no longer has a job. Not wanting to leave his son, Kilbride decides to extend the trip.

It’s great to see that Kilbride decided to make sure to make things right and not turn away from his son. Most likely, this was a tether his son needed and we hope they both gain healing from this.

The episode also shone a spotlight on cold cases and showed how important it is that advances in technology can help victims obtain justice no matter how long it’s been. This was a really good episode and everyone got to play a role in finding justice for their victim.

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