911 on FOX 6x13

‘911 on FOX’ 6×13 Recap: “Mixed Feelings”

911 came back after a long three weeks, giving us an episode that truly captured the chaos of some of our favorite characters while also bringing back a serious arc involving parenthood and boundaries. Let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×13 episode, “Mixed Feelings.”

Buck has a new skill

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While on a call where multiple people have collapsed due to a mysterious liquid known as “Tummy Tea,” Buck is able to calculate how much medicine is needed to treat a woman who is severely dehydrated. The team is surprised by this since Buck is notoriously bad at math.

Later as Buck is helping Christopher with his homework at his apartment, Eddie finds information about how lightning can cause different kinds of abilities to occur in people. They soon decide to become hustlers, using Buck’s new skills to win money.

These two are already the best of friends, even family at this point, and somehow watching Eddie capitalize on Buck’s new abilities are just hilarious. He even brings Buck to a poker game where they meet with Chief Miranda Williams, Captain Jeshan Mehta, and their co-worker Julie Rosen.

Because Buck is able to count the cards so easily, he takes all of the winnings. The Chief allows them to take some steaks home. But she warns Eddie to keep Buck at home. Considering it was Eddie’s idea to bring Buck, it just makes the whole thing amusing. At least she gave him the option to come back once the ability goes away!

Buck and Eddie had such an emotional conversation in the previous episode and in this one, we get to see them having fun and exploring a new aspect of Buck’s character. While Buck may still be getting better and needs to heal, he has Eddie and Christopher there to make things right in the world.

We’re still not over Buck helping Christopher to make cookies for his class. It was such a domestic moment between them, showing how close the two are almost like father and son.

Hen and Karen find out about Denny

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Speaking of fathers and sons, Hen and Karen found out Denny has been lying to them. At work, Hen finds out from Karen that Denny didn’t take the bus home and hasn’t been for months. Plus, he is now missing.

However, Chim notices the boy entering the hospital with a paramedic. A worried Hen discovered he was in a car accident with his biological father, Nathaniel. Finding out that not only was he in an accident, but that he was lying to them is devastating.

They try to have a conversation with him, but Denny is scared. Bringing in reinforcements, it’s Grammie Toni to the rescue. While Toni understands their side completely, she also sees Denny’s side. She also helps Denny to understand how his moms are feeling.

Hen and Karen have a beautiful conversation over wine. They might be mad at Nathanial but are glad he’s okay after the accident. Karen points out that he was the adult in the situation and should have talked to them immediately.

She is completely in the right to say this. When they see Nathanial, he goes on about how nice it felt to have Denny in his life. But it sounds like he is putting the responsibility on Denny. Denny has the right to want to get to know him. But Nathanial has a responsibility to Hen and Karen, as the rightful legal mothers to Denny. He should have talked to them first. But now the trust is very thin. It will take one wrong move for them to cut off communication.

Hen and Karen went through a lot when they had Denny and they are going through a lot. But they know what their son needs and will allow him the chance to know his father.

Madney and Bathena investigate a mystery together on 911 on FOX 6×13

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In a storyline that did not go the way fans thought it would, Maddie and Chimney had a little situation with their home. When a random woman dropped by the house claiming to be a neighbor, it made Maddie feel unsettled. She learned that the woman lied about living at the house down the street. Chimney has a talk with Bobby about how they are worried the woman could be planning to rob them.

This leads Bobby to call in Athena, who agrees to look into it for them. At first, they don’t know who the woman could be but she concludes it’s worth a look. They decide to do a sting, with Maddie inviting her over to have a playdate with the woman’s son and Jee.

When the woman comes over, Maddie claims she has to check on Jee. The toddler is napping or at least supposedly napping. While out of the room, the woman goes through a mail to grab a singular envelope.

However, the police stop her, as they had a camera running to catch her in the act. It turned out the woman was recently released from prison for forging coupons and selling them online. She had mailed her coupons to a house she thought was abandoned so she couldn’t be discovered going back to her illegal business.

Our thoughts on 911 on Fox 6×13

911 on FOX 6x13

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Even though the storyline was not as exciting as it could have been, it allowed us to see Athena, Bobby, Maddie, and Chimney spending time together and investigating. Maddie truly did feel unsettled. After all she’s been through, it’s rough having someone come into your space and make you feel like you can’t breathe in your own home.

Bobby and Athena were incredible in this episode, being fun and flirty, even having some sexy time in the shower after a run together.

Chim also had a great talk with Denny at the beginning, where they discuss fathers, even if the former didn’t know why they were having the conversation. We learned Chimney did not actually truly forgive his father for his sake, but that he moved on for himself. It was great to see a conclusion after being unsure of where things stood when we last saw Chimney and his dad together.

Overall, 911 on FOX 6×13 may have been a filler episode, but it was so fun to watch and we enjoyed every second. Each family unit gets a chance to shine. While some of the storylines may have been silly and ridiculous, we always love getting to see the couples enjoying themselves.

We’re looking forward to the next episode, “Performance Anxiety,” already! Let us know in the comments your thoughts on 911 on FOX 6×13 “Mixed Feelings.” Find us on social media for more content.

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