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‘The Night Agent’ Season One Review

Ok, so I may have watched this one through twice before sitting down to write this review. But it was just so freaking good! I was hooked within the first five minutes and was on the edge of my seat within the next ten minutes. And it never stopped! Plus, it kept me guessing and second-guessing myself the entire time. Even after the first season has ended, I’m still left with questions! And left wanting more. So it’s a good thing Netflix has already renewed this hit new series for a second season. Keep reading for my review of The Night Agent season one! Also, be warned! There are spoilers ahead! So I definitely recommend watching the show before continuing to read this.

Killer Characters

Okay, so if you’re still here, you’ve either already watched the first season or you’re good with spoilers. Either one is okay with me. So let’s get into it. Nothing about this show wasted time. Ten episodes seem short in appearance, but it felt like so much longer. Then again, when it was over, it felt like it hadn’t been long enough. Within the first five minutes, you have an explosion and some major fighting happening with Peter at the center of it all. And then by the time you are fifteen minutes in, you’ve got Rose and her aunt and uncle fighting for their lives. Then Rose makes that very important phone call and now we’re really in it. Because it only gets more dangerous and convoluted from here on out, with twists, turns, and betrayals that keep you guessing.

The Night Agent

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I immediately thought that Hawkins was the culprit. And then I flip-flopped about three hundred times about Diane Farr. One moment I felt like she was a red herring and the next minute I was sure she was behind it all. Only to be surprised in the end. Meanwhile, Peter and Rose’s characters were so fleshed out and the bond between them flowed so naturally. Along with the chemistry and attraction between the two of them. From the first minute of their first phone call, there was such an intensity between the two of them that only progressed every moment they were together. And with every obstacle they faced and overcame together. They made an incredible team and quickly became one of my favorite TV couples and a team to root for!

Intense Action

The fact that we jumped into this show with an explosion told me that this was going to be one hell of a show. But I expected the action to slow down along the way as Rose and Peter continued investigating why her aunt and uncle were killed and who the mole in the FBI was. But I was so freaking wrong. The action did not stop all the way until the end of the first season. There were constant assaults, gunfights, and battles. It was absolutely a show that was difficult to stop once I started it. I pretty much watched the entire thing in one day the first time around. Only to start watching it again the next day. And I’ll be honest, I think I could watch the first season a hundred more times. And I may have to as we wait for the second season.

I also have to talk about Dale and Ellen. Because while they were a seriously evil couple, we saw a lot more of them than is typical for a TV show or movie. If they hadn’t constantly interrupted their own scenes with a horrific act, I may have gotten to the point where I almost liked them. Luckily, they never wasted time in showing me how seriously twisted and evil they were. But it was such an interesting take because they were really in love and they were both so casual about the things they did and tried to do to others. They were just jobs to them. Though it was also clear that Dale was the only one keeping Ellen even remotely under control. Because once he was gone, she went completely off the rails. I found it pretty fitting that Rose was the one to take her out.

More to Come

So things ended with Rose planning on trying her startup company in California again. And Peter was off to who knows where to be an active agent. While that’s awesome for both of them, it leaves me wondering where things are going to pick up when the second season premieres. Because obviously they aren’t just going to let the other one go. And I think it’s clear now that Rose has been in on the action and shown what an asset she can be, she isn’t going to stay out of it. Peter clearly knows he wants to be in the thick of things. So it leaves me to wonder how they are going to find a way to work together again. I’m certainly excited to see what their next adventure holds and who they will face off against next.

The Night Agent

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What did you think of The Night Agent? Were you as swept up by it as I was? Are you as excited for a second season? Where do you think the story is going to go with the next season? Did you guess who the moles were? Or were you like me and kept second-guessing yourself all the way up until the end? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to discuss all things The Night Agent! You can also find us on Instagram here. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. And be sure to check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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