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‘NCISLA’ 14×16 Episode Recap: “Sleeping Dogs”

NCISLA brought back the ongoing arc involving Pembrook and the Drona project. With the season quickly coming to a close, they will have to finish things off soon so they can give the characters the proper endings they deserve. So what happened on NCISLA 14×16, “Sleeping Dogs?”

The episode’s main focus is on Callen and the investigation into the Drona project. This comes after two subjects were found deceased. With the help of Summer, Rountree’s girlfriend who works for the FBI, they are able to determine a connection between the victims of two seemingly unrelated crimes.

Two unsolved crimes are related to the Drona project on NCISLA 14×16

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The men, John Jenkins and Patrick Hertel, are both subjects of the same Drona program that Callen is connected to. Someone is apparently going after former students and Callen tries to warn Leah Novak.

However, Leah does not want anything to do with Callen since he lied about who he was. But when she is attacked and he finds her, she gives him the number 14 before rescue comes. Number 14 turns out to be subject by the name of Anthony Bertran.

When Sam and Callen find the man, he claims that the four of them have decided to file a suit against Pembrook. But they didn’t tell Callen due to Leah not trusting him.

By this point, the rest of the team had found a connection to a facility. They find evidence that Callen is being watched. A computer search also found evidence of a training mission the other subjects were part of. It appears that they were either working for Pembrook or wanted him dead.

Callen wants to move forward

Unfortunately, by the time Callen realized something was up, Bertran had escaped. All he wants is to marry Anna and put his past behind him. Plus, it also looks like Hetty is the one who sent the information about the Drona subjects in the first place. So where is she now?

The episode also had Callen asking Sam to be his best man, which was a cute and sweet moment between the pair. They have always been close and there is no one else we could imagine standing beside Callen and being ready to embarrass him with his best man speech.

Our thoughts on NCISLA 14×16

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Even though Kensi and Deeks were not in the episode, it was still fun to watch. We also got to see Kilbride preparing to see his son. That is until the case keeps him in Los Angeles. However, Shyla elects not to cancel his flight in the wake of the case. She knows how important it is to see his son and ensures he takes his trip.

Hopefully, we will see an end to the Pembrook story soon. This way, Callen and Anna can have their happily ever after.

While there is no new episode until April 16, we’ll be eagerly waiting to see what happens as the series draws to a close.

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