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‘NCISLA’ 14×15 Recap: “The Other Shoe”

NCISLA brought back IA Detective Ellen Whiting, who has had run-ins with Deeks. She is also the one who broke the news to Rountree regarding his mistreatment by the LAPD. Whiting is on the run after being accused of killing a cop. Let’s go over what happened on NCISLA 14×15 “The Other Shoe.”

Detective Whiting comes to NCIS for help on NCISLA 14×15

After the death of police officer Sean Turner, Whiting goes to Deeks and Kensi for help after being attacked. Turner is sure dirty cops are involved since they put out an alert for her moments after she escaped. Since she can’t trust the LAPD, she turns to NCIS, despite the discord.

Sam and Deeks work together but must keep it under the radar. This is amusing considering Deeks wears a bright pink sweater throughout their investigation. However, they do find that every camera surrounding the block where Turner died was cut so they only have the one that appears to show Whiting as the suspect.

Rountree is tasked with keeping an eye on Whiting, something that bothers him, understandably. However, he ends up having to go with her when she wants to look into a theory. They go to the home of Detective Andy Price, who soon meets up with a man named Scott Upson, who has ties to a street gang called The Unwanted.

The DEA has been trying to stop the gang’s use of fentanyl but has been unable to. This is likely because the LAPD is keeping them at bay. While at home, Kensi is trying to get in touch with Roberta to watch Rosa, but she soon finds possible danger when a cop comes looking for Deeks.

The team looks into dirty cops under the radar

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With her gun behind her for safety, Kensi refuses to let him in before alerting the team. He turns out to be Price’s partner, Detective Nick Sills, and he was one of the men who Whiting recognizes as her attacker.

After learning from Upson that The Unwanted’s leader, Odin, runs an underground fighting ring and is planning on moving their operation out of LA, it’s go time. Sam is tasked with going undercover as a fighter as they all work together to take down the ring.

While Fatima works as his second, they come to realize that the man Sam is fighting is the elusive Odin. As the rest of the team works to apprehend those involved and keep the drugs from leaving, Sam stops Odin.

Our thoughts on NCISLA 14×15

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The episode did a great job showing how the team worked together even when it was in an unofficial capacity. In Kensi’s case, she had to find the balance between being a mom and working, as she was waiting for Roberta to finish one of her retreats and return a phone call. We always love seeing her scenes with Rosa as she learns how to be a mom.

Kilbride also seemed affected by the case, as drugs were what caused his relationship with his son to crumble. This is a nice segway knowing he is supposed to reach out at some point. One face we missed in the episode was Callen, but hopefully, he is getting some free time to focus on the wedding planning.

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