911 on FOX 6x12

‘911 on FOX’ 6×12 Recap: “Recovery”

911 returned after a stunning episode that dove into Buck’s head after he was nearly killed by a lightning strike. In the newest episode, “Recovery,” both he and Bobby are dealing with their personal demons. With Bobby continuing his investigation into Wendell’s death, how is Buck doing while recovering from his injuries? Let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×12 “Recovery.”

Bobby’s investigation comes to a head on 911 on FOX 6×12

911 on FOX 6x12

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Bobby, who you may recall, has been struggling to find answers regarding his sponsor and friend, Wendall’s, death. Even though the toxicology report found he died of a drug overdose, Bobby is still left unsettled. The case against the rehab facility is closed, but he’s not ready to let things go. Wendall was there for him at a time when he needed him.

The episode opened with a flashback, showing how Hen and Buck were instrumental in making sure Bobby went to AA. It was here he met Wendall, who was there for him to talk to. In fact, we also saw how Bobby meeting Athena helped him feel like he was “on solid ground,” as he told Wendall, showing just how much her love helped him.

Bobby meets with Tamara, who is still reluctant to talk to him truly. But she admits that Wendall only joined the rehab facility in order to help her. She knew there was something not right about them and Wendall wanted to help investigate. Unfortunately, Wendall was caught and in order to prove herself, she was almost forced into taking a drug.

Bobby finds the truth

Instead, Wendall broke his sobriety and did it for her, inadvertently dying of an overdose. He was killed by the owners of the rehab center and Tamara was forced to keep quiet. When Bobby began sniffing around, they used her to lure Bobby there in an attempt to frame him for a fire.

But with Tamara’s testimony, the police realized that the owners used a legitimate recovery tool for their own personal gain. They were using the patients to make more money and when authorities got suspicious, they would burn the facility to the ground.

Now that he has closed the chapter on the investigation, Bobby is ready for his new path. He continues where Wendall left off and becomes a sponsor himself.

Buck attempts to recover from his near-death experience

911 on FOX 6x10

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After being struck by lightning, all Buck wants to do is rest and relax. He is still waiting on his heart specialist, who was also Eddie’s doctor when he had his panic attacks, to finish running tests and give him a clean bill of health. In the meantime, his family and friends are coming to see how he’s doing.

They all mean well, of course, having almost lost him and waiting for days to find out if he would be okay. But with a stream of people coming over, from Maddie and Hen to Josh and Connor, it was a lot for him. In fact, Connor’s visit was weird since he seemed unsure about the baby’s upcoming arrival. We’ll have to wait to see what that is all about, but with all of the visits Buck has been getting, he’s not sleeping. He has a new couch, but it’s not comfortable. So whose couch does he go to? Eddie’s couch.

Buck goes over to Eddie’s house, immediately making himself at home on the couch and passing out the second he relaxes. Eddie busies himself in the kitchen, drinking beers, and making Christopher’s lunch for the next day.

When Buck wakes up, he has a question about a topic they have not completely addressed. It came up once before, but now Buck asks Eddie about the shooting again. This time, Eddie opens up, revealing he doesn’t remember much, or so he says. But it took time for him to process that it all happened. Buck appears hopeful that this will be him eventually.

An overdue discussion between Buck and Eddie

This was such a powerful moment for the two of them, one that has been a long time coming. Neither Buck nor Eddie had talked about it much before, except for once. That time, Eddie wasn’t ready and they mostly focused on him having saved a young boy’s life. Here, Eddie is trying to help Buck find an answer about his healing.

While Buck learns from the cardiologist that he is doing well, it’s clear he is still struggling. He even goes back to where the apartment fire had been, reckoning with the memories of what happened. We don’t know how soon Buck will be back at work. However, the show will be on a three-week break, so most likely we’ll see Buck almost prepared to go back.

After such an emotional return with the lightning strike and coma Buck, we really enjoyed getting to see Bobby and Buck’s arcs working in tandem while also showing the rest of the 118, Maddie, and Athena there for those they loved, respectively. Athena was behind Bobby for everything, even coming with him to his meeting at the end of the episode.

A talk among siblings

Even though Maddie’s attention got to Buck, by the end he understood why she was doing it. When Maddie was at her darkest, she pulled away from everyone until it was almost too late. She doesn’t want that for her brother. Realizing where she’s coming from allows Buck to be able to share how he reminds himself he is alive when he wakes up every day.

We will miss 911 for the next few weeks, but we can’t wait for their return! Let u know in the comments what you thought of 911 on FOX 6×12. Follow us on social media for more content!

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