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‘NCISLA’ 14×14 Episode Recap: “Shame”

NCISLA had a brilliant episode that gave u insight into Sam’s daughter, Kam, while also dealing with the ramifications of the former Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy the Navy had for years. In addition to the episode “Shame,” it was also directed by the show’s very own Daniela Ruah, who marked her sixth directorial feature for this episode. Let’s go over what happened on NCISLA 14×14.

NCISLA 14×14 speaks about an important topic in “Shame”

In the episode, the team was looking into the death of a sailor on the S.S. Allegiance. At first, it appears to be a suicide, and Kensi and Fatima head to the ship in order to investigate. Eventually, they figure out that his death was not actually a suicide and he has faint strangulation marks, indicating he was murdered.

They are able to learn that an officer by the name of Bradshaw was seen in an area of the ship he was not under orders to be in. He has a connection with a man named Rondel Freyer, who was formerly Navy and has suspicious calls from China.

What actually is going on is Rondel’s brother lives in China and sends money to his brother. This is to back the money he was given to fund his work in the country. Plus, the only involvement he has is knowing Bradshaw through a bar he owns that caters to gay men and women from the military.

At first, it looks like there is a possibility that Bradshaw and the victim were lovers, but it’s not the case. Bradshaw is in a relationship with Master Chief Petty Officer Jalen Hughes. It turns out the victim had seen them in an intimate moment and they were worried about being outed. Hughes tried to bribe him, but he was going to report the bribe. Fatima and Kensi are able to talk Hughes down from killing himself and make the arrest.

Sam figures out something important about his daughter

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Elsewhere in the episode, Sam had taken the day off to spend time with his daughter, Kam. Even though she is seemingly busy, he notices a conversation on her laptop between her and someone named Riley. He notices that she is avoiding the topic of a previous boyfriend and appears secretive.

Eventually, he encourages her to open up and she reveals she has a girlfriend. Sam assures her he is always there for her. She eventually comes out, admitting that she isn’t sure her past relationships were right for her. However, the relationship she has now makes her happy. It was amazing to see Sam be there for his daughter. It was an amazing parallel to see him support her in an episode that centered on the difficulties faced by those afraid to come out in the military.

Callen and Anna are trying to plan a wedding on NCISLA 14×14

The show also did give us an update on Anna and Callen. They are not exactly on the same page when it comes to the wedding. They go to see a wedding planner, played by YouTuber Rosanna Pansino. She gives them an exercise to help them see what their ideal wedding looks like. They might not have the best time agreeing. However, it’s clear that no matter what, they can get over a fight quickly.

Although maybe it is a good idea to elope considering how Deeks and Kensi’s wedding turned out. But hey, they did get married!

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