911 on FOX 6x10

‘911 on FOX’ 6×10 Recap: “In A Flash”

911 on FOX returned after hiatus and it was one that ended with a bang. There were so many things happening in this episode that appeared to set up multiple storylines while also leaving us completely devastated at the end. Let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×10 “In A Flash.”

Bobby looks into the rehab facility on 911 on FOX 6×10

911 on FOX 6x10

CR: Jack Zeman/ FOX.

After the death of his sponsor, Wendell, Bobby felt like something was going on at the rehab center where he was getting treatment. He learns about their methods, which consist of letting the patients slowly wean off their addictions. At face value, there is nothing wrong with gradually getting better under supervision. But what exactly is the issue? Is there a financial motive hidden behind a desire to help?

Bobby gets help from Athena and May, who appears to make some progress with a woman who was a patient but now works there. We don’t know for sure what the end game is, but it’ll be interesting to see what they find. All kinds of treatment can be beneficial if used correctly. So is this a case of misuse by the people in charge? Only time will tell.

The Buckley-Han family

Nothing is better than watching Maddie and Chimney settle into their new home! But of course, they are also navigating a visit from her parents. She is prepared for them to criticize the status of their new house, which they are still remodeling after four months. However, she is caught off guard when they arrive with Buck and seem pleasant.

Even Buck and Chimney are both thrown off by their behavior, but they go with it to keep the peace. Unfortunately, things get rather rocky when Chimney’s brother, Albert, arrives with Chimney’s dad and stepmother. Okay, well, this is a family dinner to remember then!

According to Albert, his reasoning is that Jee-Yun should know her grandfather. Except he didn’t bother asking Chimney at all about this and blindsided him. Chimney has not had a relationship with his dad in decades. So what is the sudden need for a family get-together?

Buck’s donor secret revealed

Things get rougher when Buck shows Albert an ultrasound photo of the baby he helped create. Or in his words, “I helped get [Connor] pregnant.” Great choice of words, buddy, you’re lucky you’re cute. Mr. Han has some things to say about this and while the Buckley parents seem to stick up for him, it’s still a weird situation all around for everyone. Only made worse when the arguing wakes baby Jee. Cue annoyed mama Maddie.

Albert didn’t exactly have Chimney’s best interests at heart, but Hen helped Chimney to see what he could do. He doesn’t need to hear his father out, but what he does need to do is take the opportunity to tell his father how he feels. No matter what he is there for, Chimney deserves the chance to say what he need to say.

We’re still not even sure what to make of Buck’s parents. They seem to be doing well, but from what we can tell, they didn’t do much talking in the car other than about the wedding and his mom made a comment about him being a miracle baby and doing things for others. But what about doing things for himself?

The next episode will surely let us know what exactly their relationship looks like because Buck still looked a bit confused. In the end, they all seem to get along and Buck and Maddie share a moment wondering what life would be like if Daniel was alive.

Denny’s secret

Oh, Denny, our precious, sweet firefam kid. He’s keeping a secret from his moms and this is going to backfire in so many ways. He has apparently been meeting up with his biological dad for months, even having a new nickname and getting into baseball. Hen is not sure what is going on with him, and even plays a game of catch with Eddie at work to likely learn more about her son’s new activity.

For some reason, Denny’s biological dad, despite not wanting to keep this from Hen and Karen, goes along with it. This is not going to work out because Hen and Karen are Denny’s rightful parents. They need to know who is in their son’s life and it could also lead to hurt feelings on all sides.

We don’t know for sure when Hen will find out the truth, but we know she is not going to be happy when she does. She might find some understanding eventually, but trust is very fragile.

A lightning strike takes one of their own

911 on FOX 6x10

CR: Jack Zeman/ FOX.

Throughout the episode, Buck was probably the most adorable that he has ever been. From being confused over Chimney calling him Evan to taste-testing chili with Bobby, we absolutely loved seeing Buck in the episode. This is what made the ending so painful.

After rescuing a woman in an accident whose baby had been born in the impact, the team goes to an apartment fire. Everything appears to be going as it should, with Bobby directing everyone and Chimney, Eddie, and Buck going to the ladder truck to battle the flames.

Chimney is about to go up when Buck takes over, telling him it’s his turn. Once Eddie clips him into his safety harness, he goes up and begins to fight the fire. But then things take a turn for the worse when lightning strikes Buck directly and his lifeless body tumbles over the ladder.

Eddie, who had also been knocked to the ground from the strike as well, is horrified to see his partner’s lifeless body and he races up the ladder, screaming his name. Down below, the team gets to work to get the ambulance to Buck to save him.

The visceral image of Buck hanging limp in the rain was so gut-wrenching and impactful, especially when Eddie tries in vain to pull him up. Instead, he lowers him to the ground into Bobby’s waiting arms.

The 118 desperately fights to save Buck’s life on 911 on FOX 6×10

CR: Jack Zeman/ FOX.

Once on the gurney, Chimney is ready to shock his heart, but his heart is no longer beating. He’s dead. However, Chimney is not prepared to let him go and urgently starts compressions as Hen and Bobby look on in stunned horror.

Eddie races over, hoping to see his best friend is okay. But Bobby pulls him back to drive the ambulance as they get Buck inside. Hopefully, they get him to the hospital in time to save his life. By the end of the episode, it looks like Buck is actually dead.

In the promo for the next episode, “In Another Life,” we do see that by the time they arrive at the hospital, it looks like they revived him enough for doctors to take over. And Buck is put into a coma as he dreams of a different life. Will Buck make it? We’re going to have to wait to find out and it’s already torture.

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