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‘NCISLA’ 14×13 Episode Recap: “A Farewell To Arms”

NCISLA has had some great episodes, but sometimes not everything is action-packed. After an intense episode that saw Kensi and Fatima in danger, the focus of “A Farewell To Arms” allowed the team to take on a case that was much more low-key. Even though the stakes were still high, it was great to see the team able to be themselves with their respective partners. Let’s go over what happened on NCISLA 14×13.

The episode focused on an attack against a man named Sean Baker, who co-founded Almaya Technautics, an AI Intelligence startup that is contracted with the Navy. They find evidence that he has been taking the microchips from his company and is selling them to countries that may want to customize them for their own gains.

An attack leads to a mysterious woman on NCISLA 14×13

NCISLA 14x13

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Unfortunately, he is double-crossed by a potential buyer and is assaulted by an unknown woman. While he is in the hospital recovering, the team looks to discover who would hurt him. It’s not too long before they find out what he has been up to. He had a side business he did to sell microchips to other countries.

Kensi and Deeks talk to Nina Barnes to discover who their attacker is while the rest of the team also looks into Sean’s financials to see who he might have done business with. They were able to find some microchips but not the rest that was still missing.

Paulina Kaminska is a Polish woman who was a former arms broker. Once the team finally gets her identity with the help of Nina Barnes, they try to hunt her down before she can sell the microchips that Sean was attempting to sell on the black market.

However, Deeks sees pretty quickly upon the team stopping the sale was the microchips were fake. As it turns out, Paulina had retired but when she saw how rough things were for refugees near her hidden retreat, she decided on one more job in an effort to stop some bad guys.

Kilbride’s ex-wife comes to town

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While nothing too exciting happened in the episode, we did get to see more of Kilbride and his personal life. Kilbride’s ex-wife, Elizabeth, has come to visit. What she really wants is to convince him to make contact with their son, Alexander again.

Father and son are no longer speaking, but she still wants him to be a part of their son’s life. Marilu Henner is always a joy to see on screen. It was no different in her role as Kilbride’s ex.

It may have been a slower-paced episode, but it’s great to break away from all of the action and adventure.

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