‘Mayfair Witches 1×08 Review: “What Rough Beast”

The Mayfair Witches finale shook everyone. Rowan sought out vengeance for Tessa, and it led to a long-foretold prophet coming true, Terror and pain closed in on her as Ciprien and Jojo tried to figure out how to find and help her. Cortland’s dark doings come to light, but so do the consequences for them.

Let’s review!

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!



Mayfair Witches 1×08 “What Rough Beast” via AMC

On the Hunt

Rowan (Alexandra Daddario) was out for Keith’s (Ian Hoch) blood after he killed Tessa (Madison Wolfe) at the end of last week’s episode. But, after having been shot while also pregnant in, Lasher (Jack Huston) pled with her to stop and to let him do it for her. She didn’t have it in her to resist. He even let her watch through his eyes as he burned Keith alive in a tiny shack. Her joy in the revenge for Tessa’s death was a tad unnerving but satisfying.

From there, Lasher took his shot to help Rowan delve deeper into her powers and get her to look back into her family power. As he pulled her through a mindscape that placed them in Suzanne’s cabin with a toasty fire in the fireplace.

Typically, I would go with the idea that this all occurred in Rowan’s subconscious, but with Lasher in control, this is more of one of his magical mindscape tricks to control her. And here, in this cabin, Rowan was much like Ciprien when he’d been trapped in Lasher’s memory in 1×07.

I grew increasingly nervous for Rowan. He may have helped Rowan get revenge. But Lasher doesn’t do anything for free.



Mayfair Witches 1×08 “What Rough Beast” via AMC

Embracing Freedom

After fully embracing her powers and healing herself, Rowan was on a magic high and wanted to bring Tessa back from the dead. Lasher encouraged her to go slow and charmed her, eventually distracting her from pursuing her wishes. Witch

Mayfair Witches 1×08 “What Rough Beast” via AMC

Instead of going home and reuniting with Ciprien (Tongayi Chirisa), Lasher pulled Rowan deeper into his alluring thrall. Unlike earlier in the series, Rowan didn’t even try to escape it. For her, he was like a dark prince that swept her off her feet and not a demon manipulating her. The two consummated their connection. Outside of this mindscape, Rowan was still in the middle of the woods.


A Touch of Madness

After the events of Tessa’s death, Ciprien used his abilities on his boss, Albrecht (Dennis Boutsikaris). Only appearing to be thankful, a quick handshake without his gloves showed Ciprien that not only was Albrecht the one who erased the evidence of Deirdre’s murder, but it was Cortland (Harry Hamlin) who orchestrated it. Within the supernatural community and the Talamasca, a group came together to fulfill the prophecy of the thirteenth witch.

Ciprien wasn’t having it. He was going to put a stop to it if it was the last thing he did. That made me swoon even more for the man. He loved Rowan so much in such a short time and he refused to let a bunch of old farts give Rowan and his child to Lasher and his prophecy.


The Erase Game

Unfortunately, things took an even more troubling turn for him when Odette (Keyara Milliner) did the one thing she wasn’t supposed to. She revealed that she knew about the Talamasca by calling them directly. Ciprien had been so tied up in witchy business that he forgot he was supposed to be there for Odette when she gave birth. Still, what a newbie move!

Sadly, this led to Albrecht and Arjuna (Suleka Mathew) coming over to play the erasing game with her. It was disappointing to see Arjuna fall in line so quickly. Because she does, I imagine she doesn’t know about the Talamasca’s involvement in the prophecy. She’s got such a steady head on her shoulders. I feel like she’d side with Ciprien if she really knew. Then again, with how quick Albrecht is to use his abilities, maybe she did know and he erased all of it.

It did become apparent that it was strange how the man became the head of the Talamasca. He also relies on his ability far too much. More so, he can’t even follow the rules of the Talamsca! He interfered!

Who knows, maybe Arjuna will learn about it next season and come to Ciprien’s aid. By the looks of it, he needs all of the allies he can get.



Mayfair Witches 1×08 “What Rough Beast” via AMC

All in the Family

Back at the homestead, Cortland and Jojo (Jen Richards) learned of the news about Tessa and Rowan. Cortland grew excited about Rowan’s sudden show of immense power. Jojo, on the other hand, was tired of his secrets and was done helping him.

When Ciprien came around looking for Rowan, Jojo was quick to jump back into the fray and get answers. Ciprien utilized his abilities to get a few of his own. Touching different objects throughout Cortland’s office, multiple glimpses into Mayfair history were shown, but there was one in particular he wanted. He wanted confirmation that Cortland killed his niece.


Mayfair Witches 1×08 “What Rough Beast” via AMC

Ciprien’s abilities confirmed that not only did he kill Peter, Deirdre’s young lover but he then raped Deirdre, confirming a dark theory that’s been floating around since 1×01. Cortland was Rowan’s father. I was in huge denial. but Ciprien’s abilities don’t lie.

Worse, he set up Rowan with Lasher, bringing forth the prophecy. Jojo was devastated upon learning the news and so was I! I had been so sure that Cortland had killed Peter, but knowing what he did to Deirdre when she sought out his help was horrifying.

Jojo refused to believe it at first, but with the strange way Cortland had been acting and the visions Ciprien had, she couldn’t deny it.


Mayfair Witches

Mayfair Witches 1×08 “What Rough Beast” via AMC

The Doorway

Rowan’s cozy erotic mindscape turned into a nightmare when she awoke and became entrapped. Her pregnant belly, only hours old, developed at a terrifyingly rapid rate. As she tried to escape, she moved from memory to memory of each Mayfair witch he possessed.

The further she moved along, the more a distant and prophetic voice called out to her about being the doorway. Darkness closed in all around her as she panicked and struggled to find an exit.

Outside of her body, Rowan was suddenly dragged by a mysterious figure who turned out to be Cortland. Just like within the mindscape, Rowan’s belly was quickly growing and almost ready to pop. He brought her to the Mayfair mausoleum and prepared her for the birth. Honestly though? He looked at her like she was a rotisserie chicken. It was disturbing.

From the whispers about the thirteenth witch to the witching hour, Rowan put the pieces together. Lasher was preparing to finally be embodied within Rowan’s child. Though nobody had warned her about this prophecy, it was impressive that she discovered it herself.

Just as quickly as Rowan came to full term, she went into labor. The only one there to help her through it was the spirit of Suzanne. Cortland watched on from afar like the coward he was.

The birth occurring during a thunderstorm was classic, but the demonic shape and chase the baby gave afterward was new. I am now officially creeped out by babies that chase after people.


A Dark Promise Fulfilled

Cortland swept in fast to try and swipe baby Lasher. Though Rowan was terrified, she didn’t hesitate to stop him. She even tried to kill him, but because of his major daddy role in the prophecy, he was granted immortality.

But, even immortality has loopholes. Rowan couldn’t kill him, but she did turn him to stone, taking justice for what he did to Deirdre.

I am still shook about that by the way. I didn’t want to believe it. At least he’ll have eternity as a gargoyle for crows to crap on.



Mayfair Witches 1×08 “What Rough Beast” via AMC

Time to Play

Ciprien was ready to play hardball against everyone to get Rowan back. To save Rowan, he planned to take Lasher. Unbeknownst to him, Odette had been taken by the Talamasca with some underlying intention to use her against him.

But, when he found Rowan, she was disillusioned. She wanted to go back to the Mayfair house and be as happy as they were during their witchy Groundhog Day. When he tried to encourage all of them go back to his apartment, things took a dark turn.

Rowan refused to let Ciprien have the baby. The hold Lasher had on her was stronger than ever before. When he tried to convince her further that Lasher was controlling her, she showed her new power by having a bolt of lightning strike right between them. While it’s impossible they didn’t feel the surge with how close it struck, it was still really cool.

Not cool? Baby Lasher. He had Rowan wrapped around his little finger and who knows what he’ll do with her. Hopefully, they might play some resurrection games and bring back Tessa? I really liked her. She was ahead of the game with how she looked out for the coven when the coven didn’t even look out for her.

The Talamasca could be starting a war with Ciprien by taking Odette and screwing Rowan over.

Maybe, Jojo and Dolly Jean will put their coven back in order. The Mayfairs have gone too astray with all of their selfish interests. It’s time to get witchy. Rowan is going to need them to break free of Lasher.

So, we have a lot of hopes for season 2 of Mayfair Witches. What are your thoughts on the finale? Let’s chat in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us @capeandcastle on Twitter. If you want to check out more articles by yours truly, here!

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