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‘NCISLA’ 14×12 Recap: “In the Name of Honor”

coNCISLA returned after a month-long break and it was quite an episode. The team was on the case of a young Navy lieutenant who went missing. Since she was part of a classified mission, the team needed to figure out if there was a connection between her disappearance and her work. Let’s go over what happened on NCISLA 14×12, “In the Name of Honor.”

NCISLA 14×12 found Kensi and Fatima in danger during an investigation

NCISLA 14x12

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Zahra Mahmad had gone missing and no one knew what happened to her. In speaking to her parents, they are heartbroken at her being missing, but they do notice there seems to be tension at the mention of her brother, Omar. While the team tries to figure out who could have taken her, they also discover she has a boyfriend named Ted, someone her family doesn’t know about.

When they discover him beaten and bound, they try to figure out if his debt is the reason for her disappearance since she had taken out a large amount of money from the bank just before she went missing. Eventually, they begin to realize one of their suspects is connected to Zahra. It appears she is his cousin and Deeks had also discovered a wedding invitation for Zahra’s upcoming wedding to someone other than her boyfriend.

From the looks of it, Zahra was in an arranged marriage against her will and her family might be part of it. Her uncle and cousins, part of a conservative Islamic militia, had apparently been part of a plot to bring her back to honor and faith.

Fatima and Kensi had gone to her parent’s restaurant to find out more information, only to find Zahra’s father is hurt. They are outnumbered and abducted, much to the guys’ horror. They can only listen helplessly as they are taken against their will.

Kensi and Fatima must save themselves while the rest of the team search

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Deeks is ready to go with Sam and Callen, but Kilbride needs him at Ops. Even though it’s killing him inside, Deeks does the job he knows he needs to do to get Fatima and Kensi back. While Fatima and Kensi are in a burning vehicle, Sam and Callen try to rescue them.

The car ends up exploding, leaving the guys thinking the girls are dead. Thankfully, they had managed to escape and Sam quickly calls out that they are safe. Fatima and Kensi work together to rescue Zahra before returning to Ops safe and sound with Sam and Callen.

It turned out that Zahra’s relatives had been trying to force the marriage. Her parents appear to be unaware of the entire plot. As Kensi and Deeks reunite, Fatima takes a moment to herself before going to enjoy a nice evening with Akhil Ali. Fans may recall he is the ONI Inspector we’ve met previously. We’re not sure if this will continue to develop. However, we’re looking forward to seeing how Fatima continues to develop after the events of the episode.

Our thoughts on NCISLA 14×12

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NCISLA went deep with this episode and we got to see a storyline that was personal for Fatima. Plus, it also showed that even in danger, the women were able to still save themselves. We all could feel for Sam, Callen, Deeks, and Rountree as they tried to help their teammates.

What do you think of Fatima’s relationship with Akhil Ali? Let us know in the comments below.

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