‘Mayfair Witches’ 1×07 Review: “Tessa”

During last week’s episode, Rowan was determined to be rid of Lasher. So, she sought out her extended family for help. This week, she nearly wished he was still around so that she could find Tessa before she was burned alive by the Knights of America. Ciprien struggled to find a way out of Lasher’s memory.

Let’s review!

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!



Mayfair Witches 1×07 “Tessa” via AMC

A Startling Discovery

The episode began with Rowan (Alexandra Daddario) wandering around aimlessly while Ciprien (Tongayi Chirisa) remained unheard and unseen in Lasher’s (Jack Huston) origin memory.

The sudden discovery that she was pregnant left Rowan speechless and a tad confused. It’s likely that Lasher’s witchy groundhog day brought on this result. That led me to think he’s got some major plans and this was only part one. He’s been manipulative and quite the gaslighter and the more he toys with Rowan, the more I’m thinking it’s. not about her at all. It’s what he wants from her. Don’t forget, she’s the prophecy girl.

With Cirpien lost, it was impossible for her to get in touch with him. Who else could she turn to?

Tessa (Madison Wolfe). Rowan hoped to get answers and perhaps help with this seeing as Tessa was the one to receive Lasher. It was obvious that this pregnancy was abnormal for Rowan. Yet, when she went to go see her, the family basically turned their back on her. They got what they wanted and apparently had little interest in her afterward. Jerks.


Family Helps Family?

The Mayfair family had an emotional breakdown because they realized Tessa wasn’t on one of her escapades but was kidnapped. They were more than willing to talk to Rowan at that point if it meant they would get their new designee back. They just weren’t polite or welcoming. This was interesting because they’d been so welcoming at first, but now it seemed their selfish true colors were showing. This family was beginning to come off more and more one-sided. That’s not very coven-like of them let alone family-like.


Mayfair Witches 1×07 “Tessa” via AMC

It became more so when Rowan offered to help, feeling responsible for the trouble Tessa is in. Not only did she feel backlash from Tessa’s Mother, Alicia (Leslie Castay) but from Cortland (Harry Hamlin) as well. Dolly Jean (Charlayne Woodard) even revealed Rowan’s pregnancy to Cortland. I understand that some families are tight and are set in their own ways, but this has all been outrageous.

Having her patience tried enough in one day, Rowan didn’t let Cortland try to push her into trying to call Lasher. She even went so far as to trigger his ALS, scaring not only him but Jojo (Jen Richards), too. All of them have been underestimating Rowan just because she wasn’t raised Mayfair, but she’s coming into power and getting comfortable with it. They should be careful.



Mayfair Witches 1×07 “Tessa” via AMC

Witch in a Box

Elsewhere, the KOA held Tessa in a cage. Though it was enraging to see Tessa tied up like an animal. I appreciated the “calling the corners” humor however. I was starting to wonder if there’d be a Charmed, The Craft, or even Practical Magic joke. And huzzah, there was! Tickled my witchy fangirl.

Tessa did her best to try to get free with her glamour power, but it wasn’t strong enough and Lasher wasn’t showing himself. As she continued to try to manipulate Keith, it became more obvious Lasher never chose her. She’d only been hopeful that he had.

Tessa was on her way to being a big part of the next witch-burning for the KOA. As she awaited her death, one of the KOA’s own, The Walking Dead vet, Kerry Cahill, shared how she’d lost her whole life: money, job, and daughter, because of the Mayfairs. That didn’t make her much of a witch hunter. Just a cold-hearted, jilted murderer.


Mayfair Witches

Mayfair Witches 1×07 “Tessa” via AMC

Getting Out Alive

Ciprien was stuck in Lasher’s memory but managed to follow the voice of his travel companion, Arjuna (Suleka Mathew) who successfully reached him. What she had to say wasn’t good news. He’d have to find his own way out or he could very well die. Ciprien’s resourceful and resilient though, so I had very little doubt that he’d give up and die.

He decided to search for the thing that helped get him into this mess, the necklace. The search came to a pause when Suzanne’s sister acknowledged him. That shook me a bit because until now, nobody saw him. She told him that Suzanne (Hannah Alline) was waiting for him. She wasn’t the only one. Lasher was tickled to see Ciprien.

Mayfair Witches

Mayfair Witches 1×07 “Tessa” via AMC

You Had One Job, Ciprien

Lasher was all fun and games. The deadly kind. He still hated Ciprien and wasn’t shy about it. Ciprien had served his purpose according to Lasher. She was pregnant and now Ciprien was useless. Sheesh. Rowan didn’t get to tell anyone on her terms.

One of the intriguing things about this confrontation was how Lasher was able to dive into his memories and communicate within them. That is powerful and scary. Still, there was no indication to where he was in the real world. Lasher wasn’t with Tessa. He wasn’t with Rowan. He wasn’t technically with Ciprien. Where is this demonic little shit?

After telling Ciprien just how much Rowan didn’t need him the way she’d need Lasher, he left Ciprien to sit in his memory all alone. This only showed Lasher’s jealousy growing and his inability to take no for an answer.

This is Ciprien though. Where there’s a will there’s a way. He took the big leap (literally) into darkness and managed to get free of the memory. but unfortunately, he couldn’t get to Rowan before she reached Tessa. The Talamasca thought that this was when they’d do their jobs: step back and just observe the supernatural.



Mayfair Witches 1×07 “Tessa” via AMC

Hell Hath No Fury Than a Witch Scorned

Rowan was the one to find Tessa first. Though she wished she could’ve waited, Tessa’s screams said there was no time.

The final minutes of the episode were erratic ones. Tessa was mere seconds away from being crispy and Rowan getting shot in the shoulder hindered the rescue mission. Still, Rowan wasn’t letting Tessa die.

Unleashing some serious power, Rowna managed to incapacitate and then kill the majority of the KOA. Unfortunately, Keith was still alive and shot Tessa right after Rowan managed to save her. My heart hasn’t shattered like this in a long while. There’s a hopelessness that follows a loss like this. Where, you thought they were saved and in the next moment they were taken.

One thing was certain. Rowan did want Lasher after that, but it wasn’t because of an infatuated sense of romance. Rowan was filled with rage and rightfully so. I have a feeling that next week’s finale will be bloody.

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