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‘NCISLA’ 14×11 Episode Recap: “Best Seller”

The last episode of NCIS: Los Angeles found us missing most of the crew. But we still got to see Rountree, Kensi, and Fatima in action. While Sam, Callen, and Deeks were off on a secret investigation, the rest of Ops was on the hunt. They were looking for missing former SEAL, Tom Olsen, who is a friend of Sam’s. Find out how they were able to solve this case on NCISLA 14×11, “Best Seller.”

The team tracks down a former SEAL turned author on NCISLA 14×11

NCISLA 14x11

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After Tom Olsen goes missing when he is shot at during a hunting trip, the team must figure out who is after him. Tom hasn’t been in the Navy in a long time, but he has garnered recent press attention after writing a book about a character with similar paths. Kensi works with DOJ Agent Lance Hamilton as they travel to locate and bring Tom home safely.

In the meantime, Fatima and Rountree work with current Deputy Marshal Sabatino as they look for information on who bought the weapons the perpetrators used to try to kill Olsen. They had found some of the men he managed to take out, but there are still more assassins after him.

With the help of Nina Barnes, they figure out the weapons connect to a man named Ronaldo Campos. He lost his brother in a SEAL invasion. Somehow he had discovered Tom’s former occupation, which should have been protected information.

Campos is the one after Tom, having sent men to take him out in revenge. Unluckily for them, Tom has been able to hold his own until Kensi and Lance arrived. With help from Fatima and Rountree in the form of a drone, they are able to save Tom’s life.

New partnerships are in place

Photo: Sara Mally/CBS

This episode may have been missing three of our main guys, but it was great to see some new dynamics. Fatima and Rountree had a great time messing with Sabatino and his lack of understanding Gen Z.  Meanwhile Kilbride was able to help Kensi by watching over Rosa when she had to leave on the unexpected mission.

Knowing this is the final season of the series, which we’re not ready for at all, it’s wonderful to get to see different partnerships flourish. But we would like to have more time with the core team as we countdown the days until we say our final goodbyes to NCISLA.

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