Mayfair Witches

‘Mayfair Witches’ 1×06 Review: “Transference”

Last week (review here), Lasher pushed Rowan too far. Ciprien was wounded and Carlotta was tossed to her death because of his meddling. This week, Ciprien was determined to figure out where Lasher came from. Rowan joined a Mayfair ritual hoping that it would rid her of Lasher. Tess looked deeper into the Brotherhood.

Let’s review!

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!

Mayfair Witches

Mayfair Witches 1×06 “Transference” via AMC

Organized Chaos

Suzanne (Hannah Alline) and her little sister were met with misfortune at the start of the newest episode. The witchfinder came knocking and Suzanne was the next woman put on trial for witchcraft.

This quick scene was met with a similar force as the witchfinder in the present. The witch-hunting group, more clearly known as the Knights of America, continued to grow.

Our buddy from the morgue, wow, how I don’t like him. Turns out his name is Keith (Ian Hioch) and he not only took photos of the Mayfairs at Deirdre’s funeral but stole Deirdre’s heart. Showing it off to the leader of the KOA at a mini-summit gave him the in with the group.

This growing arc has been unique. It has added an extra layer to the show, The slow burn of this arc has had me itching with anticipation. The Mayfairs may finally be entering the fray, especially when Keith brought so much notice to the Mayfairs. The fear and chaos bred by this group will certainly bring trouble to the Mayfairs as they have done in the past, but in this new age, how will they be dealt with?



Mayfair Witches 1×06 “Transference” via Best Movie Cast

The Witch is Mine

Ciprien (Tongayi Chirisa) competed against Lasher (Jack Huston) for Rowan (Alexandria Daddario). Lasher’s claws were sunk pretty deeply into Rowan, taunting her with magic and making it impossible for Ciprien to help her. Rowan’s mental breakdown over Lasher’s hold on her was startling. So much so that she couldn’t handle taking off the necklace that connected the two.

Ciprien took action quickly. A little too quickly in my opinion. Rowan’s safety was important, but now it seemed like more. Ciprien was ready to give the boot to this third wheel. I couldn’t blame him. This necklace was twisting Rowan like the one ring did Gollum. Her hair and complexion are too pretty for that level of obsession.

Whisking the necklace to the Talamasca, he was going to figure out how it worked to connect Lasher to the women of the Mayfair family line. What he discovered was the very origin of Lasher.


Mayfair Witches 1×06 “Tranference” via OSN

Brought back to the start with Suzanne, Ciprien witnessed with his abilities that she was being abused and accused in the middle of her village.

This was the peak moment of the episode. This was when we discovered how Lasher came into being. Summoned out of desperation to get free and to protect her little sister, Lasher came forth out of flame and chaos. As figured, Suzanne’s freedom and power came at a price. One, she couldn’t fathom.



Mayfair Witches 1×06 “Transference” via The Cinemaholic

Deirdre’s Heart

Tessa (Madison Wolfe) came to Rowan for help. She was still obsessed with the witch hunters and even showed Rowan an otherworldly black market website where Deirdre’s was being shown off like a trophy.  Unfortunately, Rowan shared in the disinterest of all of the other Mayfairs about this. I’m siding with Tessa on this one. This won’t go away.

While it’s understandable that Rowan wants to be free of Lasher and get her old life back, this could potentially destroy all of them.

Tessa was disheartened that Rowan was so quick to dismiss her concerns. After all she’s been through already, that was surprising. She went on to share that her ability to glamour was nothing compared to Rowan’s remarkable abilities and that it was unfortunate she’d waste them.


Mayfair Witches 1×06 “Transference” via AMC

More Mayfair abilities were uncovered as Rowan finally reached out to others such as Cortland and Jojo. Cortland (Harry Hamlin) was predisposed to his ALS and only wanted Rowan to give being the designee a chance. Jojo on the other hand was much more easygoing and even tried to offer Rowan a dream job. However, she, much like everyone else, didn’t understand why Rowan was resistant.

Spending time with the other Mayfairs may lessen Rowan’s hesitation and discomfort around them. It’s understandable to want to get rid of Lasher. She shouldn’t be trying to push away her family, not when this series began with her trying to seek them out. Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to help her with her powers.


Mayfair Witches

Mayfair Witches 1×06 “Transference” via AMC

A Change in Ownership

At the Mayfair house, Rowan and Jojo (Jen Richards) were met by Dolly Jean (Charlayne Woodard), Cortland’s cousin.

A ritual was to be performed with hopes that it would transfer Lasher to a different Mayfair. With the creepy doll involved that was made of the bones and hair of Mayfair designees, this was very near to Voodoo rituals. There were warnings attached to it. Rowan risked losing her powers, some of which she might not have realized helped her become the doctor she is.

As the women of the Mayfair family came together, Rowan spoke the very words that Suzanne used to summon Lasher. The ritual possessed Rowan in that spooky eyes-turning-white kind of way and ended with her puking up Lasher’s key. The very key Ciprien had been using to learn about Lasher.

From there, Dolly Jean walked the circle as if this were a game of musical chairs. Who would get the necklace and connect themselves to Lasher? Tessa stepped up to the plate.


An Origin Point

Everything from Suzanne’s imprisonment to Ciprien diving into Lasher’s history to Rowan trying to cast Lasher out came together. Suzanne had summoned Lasher out of fire and chaos. Her desperation for freedom and to save her sister came at a price. Her bloodline would eventually pay a debt by fulfilling a prophecy.

Rowan was ready to be rid of Lasher, but he wasn’t quite ready to be rid of her. Being deemed the thirteenth witch previously, it’s obvious that she’s the one who is meant to fulfill this prophecy. Will she still be the prophecy girl with Lasher no longer attached to her?

Worse, Ciprien was locked inside the necklace’s memory of Lasher’s origin. As if dealing with a witchy groundhog day and getting stabbed wasn’t bad enough. Hopefully, he will find a way out.

Tessa, believing she now possessed Lasher, got in over her head with the KOA. She’d been hoping to learn more and get Deirdre’s heart back for the Mayfair family. The KOA had been waiting and her glamour ability didn’t save her. Neither did Lasher. Though he’d been beckoned, he never showed.

What really had me shaken? If Lasher isn’t attached to Tessa, then where is that troublemaker?

What did you think of the latest episode? Any big theories? Let’s chat in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us @capeandcastle on Twitter.

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