The Biggest Christmas Wedding

Book Review: ‘The Biggest Christmas Wedding’ by Carolina Jax

To start things off, if you haven’t read The Biggest Win by Carolina Jax, you should definitely go do that before reading this one. Do you have to read it first? No. But believe me, you’ll be glad you took my advice. And trust me, you’re really going to want to read this one. Because once you enter the world of the Casanova Family Series, you are never going to want to leave. Plus, you need to read how Francesca and Jackson found their way to walking down the aisle. Which is what I’m going to be talking about! So keep reading for my review of The Biggest Christmas Wedding by Carolina Jax!

The Couple

First of all, Jackson Gage makes me swoon so hard, I’m almost embarrassed because the man is a fictional character. But he is just written so realistically and certainly as an excellent partner. Francesca is certainly lucky to have a man like Jackson. But he is equally as lucky to have someone as incredible as Francesca. She’s a no-nonsense woman who wants her wedding day to be perfect. Just as all brides do. Unfortunately, no wedding is ever perfect, and while Francesca knows that in her mind, her heart wants what it wants. What Jackson wants is to marry Francesca and he doesn’t care how or when or who is there. He just wants to be with his woman forever. Though he certainly made a point to swoop in and save the day anyway he could. Because above all else he also just wants Francesca to be happy.

The Biggest Christmas Wedding

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Did I mention swooning? Because damn. Also, Jackson has about the dirtiest mouth ever in the best way. And if you’re looking for a book couple to have you feeling the love, look no further than these two. The chemistry between them is off the charts and just when you think they can’t get any hotter, they do. So definitely strap yourself in for that. But also prepare yourself for some laughing out loud, because I can almost guarantee that you’re going to at least once. Personally, I felt like I was cackling at multiple points throughout the entire novella. But maybe that’s just me. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s a novella? Because it is. But it certainly has all the components of a full-length novel. And if you’re reading it after The Biggest WinThe Biggest Christmas Wedding just feels like a bonus!

The Love

While there is plenty of heat and humor throughout this novella, there is also so much more than that. It certainly has a lot of heart and it has a lot of love. There are some extremely sweet moments that almost had me saying ‘aww’ out loud. Almost. Because I definitely don’t say things like that out loud when reading a book. Or maybe I do. But the love between Jackson and Francesca is absolutely palpable and it’s such a beautiful story that the novella is easily devoured in one sitting. If you love Jackson and Francesca as much as I do, which is a lot, then you will probably also finish their full-length novel in one sitting as well. Also, um, hello? It’s a book with Christmas in it. What’s not to love?!

Carolina Jax clearly puts her all into her writing. All of her passion, her love for each character, and her love for weaving an epic love story. And it shows. This book is truly beautiful and it’s absolutely one that I’m going to be reading again and again. If I try really hard, I think I can probably manage to read The Biggest Win and The Biggest Christmas Wedding in a weekend together. Because they are both that good. And I for one cannot wait for Carolina Jax’s next book because from the moment I read The Biggest Win she had a forever fan in me. I was able to read that novel before it was released and I was truly honored. And I also purchased the physical copy because it was so good. I will be forever grateful that my path crossed with a talent such as Carolina Jax.

More to Come

Nothing makes me happier than to be able to say that the Casanova family so isn’t done yet. Carolina Jax is going to continue bringing this family to our kindles, or however you choose to read, and I’m freaking ecstatic about it! The next Casanova Family Series novel is expected to hit in February 2023, and it’s all about Adam. Words cannot truly express how excited I am about it. But that isn’t the only project Carolina Jax has Falling For the Grouch, a Candy Cane Key novel coming. Which is also expected in February of 2023. And I’m sure that’s not even close to all she has on the horizon. So make sure you keep an eye on this author!

The Biggest Christmas Wedding

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Have you read The Biggest Christmas Wedding? What about The Biggest Win? If you have, what did you think of Francesca and Gage’s love story? And if you haven’t read either of them, are they going to be added to your TBR list? You can find and follow us on Twitter here to discuss all things Carolina Jax and more! And you can also find and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You can find and follow me on Twitter here, and I also have Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok! Be sure to check out Carolina Jax on her Instagram! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!


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