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Noah Kahan: Higher Ground, Burlington, Vermont

Noah Kahan performed four nights in a row at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont. I was able to attend his show on the fourth and final night, and it was beyond amazing. The show was done beautifully and regardless of it being the fourth night, it certainly wasn’t lacking in energy. There may have been an insane amount of energy because it was the last night. So keep reading for my review of Noah Kahan’s show!

Stick Season

These shows featured Noah’s new album Stick Season. But there were plenty of songs he performed from his other albums and his beginning years. It was the perfect mix of all of Noah’s different tracks from over the years. And one of the best parts was being able to see the happiness on Noah’s face when every member of the crowd was right there singing along with every word of every song. It was an overall amazing experience and it was so great to see how happy it made Noah and the rest of the band.

Noah Kahan

Speaking of his band, talk about a stage full of talent. Every member of that band went hard and you could tell they were feeling that music right down to their souls. It was also easy to see they were having the times of their lives up there with Noah. The way they performed individually and with each other was an incredible experience to see and it was such an honor to be able to be there and witness so much passion for music and so much energy for Noah Kahan’s newest album.

Northern Attitude Halloween

The people from the East Coast very much represented at Higher Ground! From Vermont to New Hampshire, New York, and all of New England, everyone showed up and showed out for Noah and the band. With the shows being so close to Halloween, there were also plenty of people dressed up. On the final night of the show, Noah himself also dressed up as a Jewish Ed Sheeran for the beginning of the show. And the crowd was more than happy when he decided to toss the wig he was wearing into the masses!

Noah Kahan

It was pretty clear for the entirety of the concert that Noah and his band have a close bond and love to hype one another up. They are also a group that is clearly down to Earth as even after all this time and so many performances, they still acted surprised that there was so much love being shown to them from the crowd. They also spent much of the concert grinning at one another with looks that could only be described as pure joy and excitement. And how much they were enjoying themselves, the crowd, and being on stage with one another showed and made the show that much more of a pleasure to watch.


With Noah Kahan being originally from Vermont, it’s not surprising that he played four nights at Higher Ground. And there is no doubt that he will be back again. Especially since, for the first time at Higher Ground, he was responsible for four nights of completely sold-out shows. And I have a feeling that he’s really just getting started. His latest album, Stick Season, debuted at 14 on Billboard 200 Chart! Which makes it his highest-charting album so far! He was also the featured cover on Spotify’s Pop Rising playlist. So there is no doubt more is to come and Noah Kahan is an artist to watch!

Noah Kahan

Are you a fan of Noah Kahan’s music? Have you checked out his latest album Stick Season? Do you know every word of the songs like those in the crowds of his show? What song is your favorite on Stick Season? And what is your favorite Noah Kahan song of all time? Find and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @capeandcastle. You can also find and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @Sarah_Jeanne17! Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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