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‘911 on FOX’ 6×06 Recap: “Tomorrow”

There are truly no words to describe how amazing the latest episode of 911 on FOX was. Telling the story of Hen and Karen’s story in the midst of Karen’s lab exploding in the present, there were so many incredible moments in “Tomorrow.” Fans of this beloved couple have been waiting a long time to see their origin story. And it was just as beautiful as pictured. Let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×06.

911 on FOX 6×06 tells Hen and Karen’s story from the beginning


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In 2010, the two women met at a bar, an attempt by one Howard Han as a blind date. Chimney, who still hadn’t gone by the moniker at that point in time, was neighbors with Karen. Apparently, he thought she would be great for Hen, who was still reeling from her failed relationship with Eva.

Despite Hen’s first thought that Karen was obnoxious, she clearly was interested in her and vice versa. The two women were already planning their next date, clearly smitten with one another. While we learned about how they began, in the present there was danger at Karen’s workplace.

To make matters worse, Denny is also with his mom, visiting and getting a look at what Karen does during the day. Thankfully, he is not in the lab itself when it explodes, as he had answered Karen’s phone when Hen called.

Hearing the explosion, Hen immediately rushes over, finding Denny who had escaped with one of Karen’s co-workers. Even though she is prepared to go in to find Karen, Bobby, who had arrived on the scene with the others, told Hen she couldn’t. She wasn’t a firefighter anymore.

It’s difficult for Hen, not only unable to go and save Karen but not to be with her team. A nod from Chimney is the reassurance she needs, knowing her boys will save her wife. While waiting outside, Hen, accompanied by Athena who came on her day off to support her, ends up saving the life of one of the employees.

Hen faces a decision on 911 on FOX 6×06

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He is incredibly injured but able to warn them that there was an issue with the coolant system. Having found Karen at this point, she was on her way out with Buck when they heard the news over the radio. With Bobby warned of the danger, he is also able to save one of the campus firefighters from being hurt as he was checking the room that the injured man was talking about.

Even though Karen does make it out, she is actually more injured than first believed. There’s a piece of shrapnel embedded in her stomach, leaving her bleeding and unconscious. While Hen, Bobby, and Chimney work to save her life, we also see more flashbacks.

This time, we see how hard it was for Karen to accept that Eva asked Hen for help with the baby she was carrying. While we know they obviously raised and love Denny, it’s the first time seeing how this impacted her and Hen’s relationship.

Eva has always been an insecurity for Karen and it was too much. Despite breaking up with Hen, it’s obvious they still love each other. Chimney even makes sure they get back together when he realizes Karen is leaving for Houston.

A love and a life are saved

911 on FOX 6x06

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He calls her with news Hen is dead, although obviously, we know she isn’t. But she did get hurt on the job and he wanted Karen to realize that there was still something there for them to work out.

Karen does go to see Hen, apologizing for what happened and telling her she wants to fight for them. But Hen, having been burned in the past, is not prepared to hear this. However, Karen is adamant that they can fix things between them and get through the worst together.

In the present, Karen has surgery and her spleen is removed after her injury. But luckily, she will be okay, to the relief of her co-workers, Athena, and the 118. After waking up in the hospital room with Hen by her side, Karen is concerned for her team and their son. She also makes sure Hen goes home to take care of Denny because he needs her while Karen is in the hospital.

At home, Hen is stewing over her decision about her job. She hadn’t been ready to turn in her resignation papers to the fire department. And after learning that their emergency placement for foster care was put on hold due to her impending third year of medical school, she has been ruminating on her decision even more.

Hen chooses her family

Denny solidified her feelings when he tells her he was glad she was there to save Karen. Hen realizes where her priorities lie and she now sees what going to medical school would mean to give up.

Sure, she is letting go of her dreams. But she knows she could do it if she wanted to. And in the end, her dream is her wife, son, and firefighting. Everything she needs is at her fingertips and she is holding on tight.

This truly was an amazing episode that emphasized the love Karen and Hen built together. From having gone on their own separate journeys to raising a little boy together, they worked hard to build a solid relationship.

One thing is for sure, we are so glad Karen survived! Tracie Thoms and Aisha Hinds were an absolute delight to watch. Even when we don’t get to see as much of the other characters, episodes like this still bring us joy in looking back and seeing where they first came from before we got to know them.

Let us know your thoughts on 911 on FOX 6×06.

The next episode of 911 will air on Monday, Nov. 7. Based on the promo, it looks like another fun-filled hijinx sort of episode. We’re already looking forward to it!

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