Blue Bloods 13x02

‘Blue Bloods’ 13×02 Review: “First Blush”

The action and suspense continued with this episode! This time we had a large and mysterious bloodstain found on a mattress in a hotel. But we also had some family conflict with Frank not wanting to endorse Erin, who has decided to run for District Attorney. On the other side of things, Jamie and Eddie deal with Jamie getting assigned a new position. But at least it’s in the same precinct! So keep reading for my Blue Bloods 13×02 review!

Staying Together

Ah! I was so excited to discover that Jamie and Eddie were going to get to stay in the same precinct. I will admit that I was very concerned about this with the last episode. But Captain McNichols came through! Though I’m still not sure how I feel about her. The jury is still out on that one. But she did earn some major points with me in making this decision. Or at least I thought she did. But then I saw what the job would entail for Jamie and I wasn’t so sure anymore. There has to be another solution out there other than putting Jamie in intelligence where he can’t talk about anything with anyone. Like her just leaving Jamie and Eddie the hell alone the way they are now.

Blue Bloods 13x02

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But Henry made a pretty good point. It seems he was on fire with those in this episode. If Jamie decides that he doesn’t like intelligence, then he can try something else. But he should at least give it a chance. If not being able to tell Eddie anything about what he’s doing or working on becomes too much, then maybe that’s a sign that intelligence won’t work for him. But he owes it to himself to give it a shot and see if it’s something he could be interested in. Because I have no doubt it’s going to be something he’s good at. To be honest, I would kind of like to see Jamie as a detective one of these days. I guess only time will tell if that could happen.

Support Lacking

I honestly could not believe that Frank didn’t want to support Erin running for District Attorney. Sure, I get that he wouldn’t want to show favoritism or have anyone think Erin only got the job because of who her father is. Or that people would vote for her because he is supporting her. But he could have at least talked to Erin about it. Maybe before he made the decision. And then he didn’t even have the courtesy to tell her himself or give her a heads up. I love Frank and while there have been times I’ve disagreed with the decisions he has made, this one really took the cake. Even though his answer as to why did ultimately make sense, it’s just one I can’t get behind. I don’t think his supporting or not supporting her would ever stop Erin from speaking her mind about the NYPD.

I gotta say I kind of liked everyone calling Frank out. Not that I was surprised that Henry called Frank out, but I liked that he made a point to come to Frank at the office and tell him his opinion on Frank’s stance. I will say that I was a bit surprised by Garrett and how passionately he seemed to feel about the situation. He played it as if he was looking at it from a PR standpoint. But it was clear he felt a little more passionate about it than that. And I didn’t think he was wrong. It’s not that I don’t understand where Frank is coming from. He has always had these kinds of methods when it comes to his kids. But there are also times when the rules and methods of the past are made to be broken.

Life Changing

I was suspicious of “Doctor Nigh Nigh” from the moment he came on the screen. Danny didn’t seem too impressed with him, either. And that was before he realized he was connected with the blood on the mattress. Even if we take any connection he has to the case out of the equation, he’s still just another slimeball who uses his money to get away with being a piece of crap. And I loved that Danny made it so clear he thought the guy was nothing more than a scumbag. It’s one of the many reasons why Danny is and will always be one of my favorite characters. He doesn’t compromise his morals or ethics for anyone. And the results of the case turned out to be even crazier than expected.

Blue Bloods 13x02

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What did you think of Blue Bloods 13×02? Did you agree with Frank’s reasonings behind not supporting Erin for District Attorney publicly? Or do you think that some situations are okay for him to show that he supports his children professionally? What did you think about Jamie’s new job? Do you see him sticking with it? Or do you think he and Eddie will have to come up with another solution so they can stay in the same precinct? What did you think about the case with the bloodstain in the hotel and Doctor “Nigh Nigh”? You can find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to discuss all things Blue Bloods 13×02! And you can find me on Twitter @Sarah_Jeanne17! Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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  • A great write-up of the episode and each of the stories!
    As Jamie’s already a sergeant he wouldn’t become a detective; Sid was a sergeant when he was Danny’s boss, so Jamie would be in a similar position. But it is worth speculating on what his next move might be.


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