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Author Appreciation: Carolina Jax

You know we’ve done actor appreciation. But we do a lot of book reviews and many of us are major book fans. So it only makes sense for us to also do some author appreciation articles! I know there are enough amazing authors out there for us to do several articles a day and still not even scratch the surface of all the great authors out there. But we have to start somewhere and we figured what better place than with this incredibly talented Carolina Jax. Though this time we did things a little differently. Instead of just expressing our appreciation for Carolina and her kickass debut novel, The Biggest Win, we got to have an awesome chat with her! So keep reading for our first author appreciation featuring Carolina Jax!

CC: What kind of books did you grow up reading?

Carolina: I loved mysteries, Agatha Christie was a favorite of mine when I was a pre-teen. Then I kind of fell off from reading for a while and didn’t pick back up until The Twilight Series came out. That sparked my interest again and I dove into paranormal and vampire books. My sister-in-law and I would trade books. I got into Sherrilyn Kenyon and JR Ward. The group of people I found while reading those books was awesome and I formed a few long-lasting friendships!

CC: What book or books are you currently reading?

Carolina: Currently I’m loving Pippa Grant and Meghan Quinn’s new releases. I’ve got quite a few on my TBR but I’ve been going with the sweet and simple love lately.

CC: How do you come up with character names and personalities for your books?

Carolina: Most of my characters have traits of people in my life. Britt, the sister of Jackson, and Farrah, the best friend in my first book, are a direct reflection of my two best friends in real life. Britt is wild and crazy, you never know what’s coming out of her mouth. And Farrah is sweet, more of a mom figure. But both are true ride-or-die chicks! Each character has a trait that I admire in people I know. (The annoying habits in my characters come from my kids LOL). Some of my scenes are based on real-life situations, too! There are two specific scenes that, when reading, my close friends remembered had really happened to me. So, I got to have some fun with past cringe-worthy experiences and write them into the book!

CC: When you’re writing a really emotional scene, what is your process? Do you find them difficult to write?

Carolina: I try to put myself in their shoes. I write how I would respond, or how I know someone close to me may respond and I try to make it like it’s actually happening to me. I don’t know if I would say it’s difficult to write it. But I have gotten teary-eyed during writing a couple of hard scenes! That can get difficult to keep going, the emotion bringing forth some big feelings, but I feel that makes them more authentic. Book two has a couple of strong emotional moments so I hope I am able to bring those feelings out for the reader, too.

CC: If you could spend a day with another author, who would you pick and why?

Carolina Jax: OMG this is hard! I would love to spend time with Claire Kingsley, I think we could trade “oh my gosh I have teenagers in the house” stories and just have a great day drinking wine together! LOL, I love the way she tells a story and ties real-life emotions into each. TL Swan is another I’d love to spend a day with. She is the Queen! She is super helpful and in touch with her readers and I love how down-to-earth and funny she is.

CC: What has been your favorite part of becoming an author and having your book come out?

Carolina: So, I think my favorite part has been meeting a team of other indie authors all in different timeframes of writing and publishing. Their support is amazing, and they’ve been so much fun. I think the laughter helps ease the stress! They were all a part of my release day; we spent the time online hosting a ‘launch party’ and doing games and giveaways with other authors and readers.

CC: Do you listen to music while you write? Or think of certain songs when you’re writing?

Carolina: I get ideas for scenes from listening to songs. I love country and the emotion some of those songs pull from me really helps me get a scene going. Music gives a certain feel to the character. So, if I want to write a guy who has a ton of confidence and sex appeal, I’ll listen to rap/hip-hop. The fun dance songs will help me put together a club scene or party scene.

CC: If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

Carolina: You’re going to find your place. Just don’t stress the small stuff, and don’t force the big stuff. Everything you’re praying for will happen.

CC: Do you have any future projects or series in the works? If so can you tell us anything about them?

Carolina: Oooh! Yes! I have three projects going right now. The Biggest Secret is book two in the Casanova Family Series and is set to release on 2/1/23. It’s Adam and Chelsea’s book, and I can’t wait for it to come out! I teased their relationship in the epilogue of book one and stirred up some drama! It’ll be a second chance, secret baby romance. Adam is turning out to be something else, too. The man I originally planned to write didn’t show up and a broodier, more dominant male took his place! I’m also working on a mafia book; I had two men arguing and planning. Then a woman and her bestie showed up in a club together and it went from there! I’ve put that one to the side. But the characters won’t disappear from my mind, so I’ve been working on that when I need a break from the Casanova’s. The third project is kind of a secret. But will be here before the end of the year!

CC: Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Carolina Jax: So, I’m told NOT to read them! But my very first review was a 5-star, and my PA sent it to me to encourage me. I have gone back and read them since the release. Thankfully, they’ve all been good. I’m prepared for when the bad ones come. Not everyone will like what I write or how I write, and I accept that. I actually went to my favorite author’s Goodreads page and read some of her bad reviews, LOL. It made me feel better knowing she’s lightyears ahead of me and still gets disgruntled readers. So when it happens, I’ll be in good company!

CC: What comes first for you — the plot or the characters?

Carolina: The characters and their dialogue! That’s how The Biggest Win started, I saw a coach who was engaging with his team, hyping them for a championship game. Then Francesca came about, and I knew they were supposed to be together. But I needed to see the rest of her family. I slowly started piecing things together, scenes here and there, family and friend interactions, until I could put it all in order.

CC: What part of the book did you have the hardest time writing?

Carolina: Honestly? The sex scenes! I felt like I was writing too robotically. I went back and read a lot of other scenes from other books until I got the feel of the moment.

CC: What part of the book was the most fun to write?

Carolina: Francesca’s brother Billy, the wild twin in the family, is fun to write! He’s a player, but his one-liners and antics are hysterical. I also enjoyed writing the parts where Jackson, as head coach, is conversing with his team. The camaraderie of the team and the mentorship of a coach is a great thing. My kids play sports through their school, and I played in high school and college. Being a part of a team with a great coach has a lasting impression.

CC: If you could meet your characters, what would you say to them?

Carolina: I’d probably smack them upside the head for being hardheaded and stubborn! But of course, without those traits, there’d be no story! So, I’d have to thank them instead!

CC: If a film were made of your book, who would you cast in the leading roles?

Carolina Jax: Oh wow! Well, Jackson Gage’s look is based on the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, my favorite football team! (Go Birds!) So even though he isn’t an actor, I’d say Nick Sirianni should be Jackson. And Francesca? I love Jennifer Garner, she has that self-confidence but family appeal to her. So I’d say she’d be a good leading lady.

Have you checked out Carolina Jax’s debut novel, The Biggest Win? If not, you can grab a digital or physical copy here! You can also find Carolina Jax on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. We can also be found on Twitter @capeandcastle and you can find me on Twitter @Sarah_Jeanne17! And be sure to check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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