‘Interview with the Vampire” 1×01 Review: “In the Throes of Increasing Wonder…”

The much-anticipated Anne Rice adaptation premiered this past weekend on AMC+ and there was no disappointment to had. There was no shortage of angst, tension, and blood in the premiere. The fever of the vampire makes its return.

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!



Interview With the Vampire 1×01 “In the Throes of Wonder…” via WinterIsComing

Most dangerous Man in the World

The pilot episode captured my attention quickly. When it began, the tapes of Louis de Pointe du Loc’s story have been told already and this is a return to retell them to the same journalist who’d taken it for granted the first time. What made me love it so fast was that the audience wasn’t going to relive the 1994 film. In fact, this prelude scene before the interview begins basically states what a wreck the first time had been.

The movie wasn’t a wreck, but the interview itself had been. Daniel Malloy hadn’t been prepared in any way for Louis’s honest and brutal tale of his unlife. This was the second attempt. Daniel even bore scars from the vampire’s attack after the interview, connecting back to his younger self portrayed by Christian Slater in the film.

It was glorious that this followed the movie as a successor. It held respect for the movie and moved forward, ready to go even deeper than what it offered before.


Interview With the Vampire 1×01 “In the Throes of Increasing Wonder” via AV Club

It was curious the way Louis and Daniel reconnected. Neither danced around the “is he serious” trope. Daniel knew instantly that Louis was a vampire and that he was revisiting a moment in his life that should’ve been exciting for an up and coming journalist but turned traumatic. Louis’s speed and inability to be touched by sunlight only gave a taste of the darkness yet to be seen. An ominous reminder that he wasn’t human.

This didn’t take away from the drama of what would come. It intensified it. Made me hungry for it. The same could be said about Daniel as well, who, without very much reservation or trepidation, began this interview once again.


How Long Have You Been Dead?

It’s an immediate, but not disappointing shock that Luis’s unlife began in 1910 in New Orleans, though it’s known to Anne Rice fans everywhere that it began much sooner in the books and was originally a distraught mess. Though it was a major change to adapt to the series, I wasn’t mad. Louis led a lush and satisfying life, though he hid much of himself from the world and his family. While his sister was to be married soon, his brother, Paul (Steven G. Norfleet) was dealing with a personal struggle and wanted to join the clergy, Louis was a pimp of multiple “houses of the night”. A lucrative business, it was also shunned like it didn’t exist.

Jacob Anderson swept across the scene, capturing so many fans in Game of Thrones, and he did it once again, almost instantaneously, as Louis. He captured the character and fans, swooning us with his charm and talent.



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Last Sunrise

The show may have strayed from the time period, but not too far from the plot. Louis faced much sorrow when his brother killed himself in front of him. Though true the book, it was still shocking. Paul suffered many personal demons, but I still didn’t see his death coming.

What had been a night filled with celebration for their sister had turned into a red morning filled with grief and blame. As tragic as it was, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if Paul had done it or if Lestat had enamored him to do so. His abilities showcased throughout the episode make it a strong possibility. So did his sudden obsession to have Louis.



Interview With the Vampire 1×01 “In Throes of Increasing Wonder…” via AMC

An Opportunity

When Lestat revealed himself to Louis, the allure was instantaneous. The unblinking elegance and intimidating entrance. Something I expected nothing less of from the vampire. Sam Reid encompassed Lestat’s darkness in a single breath.

Lestat knew right from the start how to capture Louis and that was by taking his favorite girl, Lily (Najah Bradley), from him. It was a daring move to shake Louis’s masculinity and identity by inserting himself into Louis’s life, becoming the only thing he could think about. The growing intensity between two was unshakable and I couldn’t look away.



Interview With the Vampire 1×01 “In Throes of Increasing Wonder…” via AMC


I Laid Down With the Devil

Louis discovered an awakening that Lestat offered through a powerful intimacy that had both man and vampire floating from the ground and me gasping in utter awe. And I was sweating a little bit, too, because it was steamy. Oh boy.

And as hot as it was, there was that veil of just how dangerous Lestat was when he set his sights on something he wanted. His hunt was successful and Louis didn’t stand a chance. Neither did I, honestly.


Interview With the Vampire “In Throes of Increasing Wonder…” via AMC

From here, the fall into darkness was fast for Louis. As Lestat continued to call for Louis amid misery and sorrow, Louis was sure he was losing his mind.  The grand reveal of Lestat’s true nature to Louis was a haunting and vicious thrall. A true monster of the night seeking Louis’s love, companionship, and humanity left me breathless. This threw me back to the days long before vampires were broody and brokenhearted in their misery and were instead creatures that embraced every ounce of power, horror, and death they were.

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