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‘So Help Me Todd’ 1×02 Review: “Co-Pilot”

The second episode kept the action, drama, and comedy coming! Margaret and Todd started out working on two separate cases. Cases that seemed to be on opposite ends of the excitement scale. Naturally, Todd gets the one that could be labeled as extremely boring and basic. But with a stroke of luck and chance, Todd found his way into investigating the high-profile case. And I will say that while this is only the second episode of the series, so far I have not been able to guess how the cases will end! And I love being surprised. So keep reading for my So Help Me Todd 1×02 review!

The Not-So-Boring One

Todd’s first day at the firm certainly wasn’t off to a smooth start. Between other employees not believing he actually works there and getting a closet as an office, it was not a great start to the first day. Especially since the room he was in housed files that people needed to frequently come in and get. At least he got some time to hang out with Susan. That certainly seemed to make the first day a little bit better. Then Todd was given a boring case that didn’t have anything to do with the high-profile case with the mayor that Margaret was working on. So it’s a good thing not everything was as it seems. Because instead of the dead-end case Todd was expecting, he got something that was much more exciting and one that gave him an in to the high-profile case.

So Help Me Todd 1x02

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I was so happy that Todd didn’t have to continue sitting in that courtroom and listening to facts on over one hundred dolls. But I was immediately curious about how the two cases were going to intertwine. And while they didn’t end up really intertwining with one another, the case Todd was working on did give him the key he needed to start looking into the mayor’s scandal case. And the fact that the case Todd was given was in session at the same time the mayor’s case was also gave Todd the in that he needed to gain access to Margaret’s courtroom so that he could help the truth come to light about Elaine being blackmailed and the mayor and his wife both actually being innocent.

The High Profile One

Politics and scandals go together seem to go together like PIs and stakeouts. So it wasn’t surprising that the mayor found himself exploited in the news as being part of a sex scandal. But it was a little surprising that Margaret was the one that would be defending the mayor. And that Margaret was so determined to clear the mayor’s name no matter what. Though the most surprising part of it all was Margaret’s boss taking the case out from under Margaret and giving her backhanded compliments about her work. Talk about not wanting to do any of the work and taking all of the credit. Margaret deserved a hell of a lot better than to be the second chair on the case. So I was glad to see her stand her ground with him in the end.

I’ll be honest, I immediately thought that the mayor was guilty. Call me crazy, but that’s where my mind went. Then when the woman accusing the mayor was murdered, it certainly didn’t look good. And then he stepped down as mayor? Yeah, that wasn’t making him look even more suspicious or anything. Though when he was speaking to Margaret about his wife, I did start getting suspicious of her over the mayor. Things only got crazier from there. But when it all came together in the end, everything made sense. And I have to admit that not only was I wrong about the mayor, I was also wrong about his wife.

Sibling Bonds and Buffers

The relationship that Todd has with his sister Allison is so freaking awesome. Not only did she give him a place to stay when he was down on his luck and expect nothing in return, but she is there to listen to him. Even when Todd doesn’t prove to be the best listener himself. Or when he goes off on tangents and speaks his chaotic thoughts out loud. Which I love because I feel like I do the same thing. But I think Allison also kind of acts like a buffer between Margaret and Todd. Which they definitely need sometimes. Because they are the definition of butting heads. But they do come together when they need to. And I have hope that Margaret is going to see how good Todd really is at being an investigator.

So Help Me Todd 1x02

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What did you think of So Help Me Todd 1×02? Are you even more into this show with the second episode? Do you have a favorite character yet? What kind of cases do you think Todd is going to work on as the series continues? What do you think is going on with Allison and her husband? Why isn’t she wearing her wedding ring? Is it really because she just doesn’t wear it at work? Or is that the excuse she’s using to not tell anyone something is really going on? Find and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @capeandcastle to discuss all things So Help Me Todd 1×02! And you can find and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Sarah_Jeanne17. Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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