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‘Chicago PD’ 10×01 Review: “Let it Bleed”

There was a lot going on in this season’s premiere. Along with a new chief, we also had a spiraling Voight. But there was also evidence of someone new taking over drug running. And Voight was bound and determined to put a stop to it along with finding out who was supplying the new drugs. So keep reading for my Chicago PD 10×01 review!

Trouble Never Stops

Voight was really struggling with Anna’s death and determined to keep drugs out of that territory to honor Anna. To make sure that her death wasn’t in vain. And while I can admire his gumption of wanting to keep drugs free and clear from an entire area of Chicago, I also agree with Hailey. It’s west Chicago, at some point someone is going to fill the void and begin dealing again. And while part of their jobs is to put away dealers, their focus can’t only be on drugs. As much as I would love to see them able to take care of it, I also know it’s never going to stop. Drugs are a problem everywhere, no matter how many dealers the squad is able to take down and put away.

Chicago PD 10x01

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Something else that had me concerned was Voight’s issues coming between Hailey and Jay. They’ve had so much thrown at them and had to overcome so much to be together. But if Voight is going to prove himself to be an obstacle for them, I think it’s going to cause bigger trouble than ever. They clearly have different opinions on how Voight is handling things and it’s causing issues. Especially because I’m just waiting for the when and how Jay is going to leave. We all know Jesse Lee Soffer is leaving the show. But the big question is about how and when it’s going to happen. I don’t want it to be something that involved him and Hailey not being together any longer.

New Member

Torres is a serious badass and I was impressed with him and every move he made. He handled himself well and I think he did a lot to prove that he could have a spot on the squad. A spot that has been empty for quite some time and would be nice to see filled. And I think Torres would be a great choice to fill it. He clearly has the moves and the intelligence to handle himself. But Torres also proved himself to be a team player and didn’t get flustered or riled about anything that was thrown his way. And I think that’s pretty impressive. He also didn’t seem to be intimidated by Voight and was able to hold his own. And that’s a rarity.

Torres fell into line with Hailey and Jay and was able to keep up with them and follow seamlessly. It actually felt like he had been a part of the unit for a long time. He didn’t hesitate with his actions and he didn’t even flinch when Voight took out Enzo without a second thought. And he easily could have called Voight out for not following protocol and calling his own shots. But he seemed to take his cues from Jay and he made smart decisions. So can we please not only see him again but have him added to the unit? Because he is a character I would be interested in learning more about. The new chief did mention that Torres could be added to the unit without a problem. So I’m hoping that’s a good sign that he may be.

Where Things Are Headed

We didn’t get to see a lot of Kim and Adam in this episode. Just them being partners as usual and being in sync with one another. But I’m ready for the two of them to just get back together and be happy again. Adam has done everything he can to show Kim that he has changed and that he’s ready to be with her. That he’s ready to be a family. But Kim always seems unwilling to believe that’s the case and is always looking for a reason to say she isn’t ready or that she doesn’t believe Adam is really ready. At this point, I’m not sure how much patience I have for her. It’s time for Kim to make a decision one way or the other. Either she decides she’s all in and actually lets Adam in, or she says that she’s done and they go their separate ways. Because this back and forth isn’t fun.

Chicago PD 10x01

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What did you think of Chicago PD 10×01? Did you like Torres? Would you like to see him added to the unit? Do you think Hailey and Jay are going to be okay? Or are Voight and his issues going to come between them? Do you believe Voight when he says he is okay? Or do you think he is struggling like Hailey thinks he is? What did you think of the new chief? Is he going to cause problems for Voight and the unit? Or is he going to prove an asset? You can find and follow me on Twitter @Sarah_Jeanne17 and you can find and follow the site on Twitter @capeandcastle! Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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