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‘911 on FOX’ 6×02 Recap: “Crash and Learn”

911 on FOX is only two episodes into season 6 and has already given us two episodes that gave us all of the feels. “Crash and Learn” was definitely one that gave us pause, especially that ending! But before we dive into that, let’s go over Hen’s journey as she took over as Interim Captain while also dealing with finals and spending time with her family. Let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×02.

Captain Hen is in the house!

911 on FOX 6x02

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We got to see Captain Hen in action in this episode, although it was easy to see that the responsibility was a lot for her to handle. Along with acting as captain and dealing with the antics of her teammates, she also had finals to prepare for in her courses.

Hen was pulling herself in multiple directions this week. She slowly began to burn out and we could see it happening during the course of the few days she was taking over for Bobby. In one scary moment, she ended up falling asleep behind the wheel of her car.

Because she had so much on her plate, Hen had a hard time during her finals and unfortunately, she failed. Coupled with forgetting to pick Denny up and the stress, Hen broke down in her wife’s arms. After getting some rest, Hen tells Karen about the incident in the car.

Worried for her wife’s safety and knowing what could have happened, Karen points out that Hen can’t continue the way she has been. Between trying to become a doctor and still doing her work as a paramedic, she has already stretched herself too thin. Hen has been searching for a way to do more in her career, but she needs to figure out where she wants to be. Right now, it is hurting her more than helping her.

Aisha Hinds did an amazing job in this episode, showcasing how Hen’s excitement gradually faded until it became too much. And if we get more scenes with her and Tracie Thoms, we’ll take those too. We love Hen and Karen’s relationship and how they work together to solve problems the other is going through.

The search for happiness on 911 on FOX 6×02

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After his short-lived disappointment over not being made Interim Captain, Buck spends most of his time putting into practice what Bobby told him. He even reads an AA book for guidance, although maybe the reading material may not suit him personally. Buck is still trying to figure out how he can be at ease with himself and be happy.

It’s during a call at a happiness convention that Buck comes face to face with this question he is mulling over. A victim who is crushed by a slab of cement from a collapsing walkway had been at the convention looking for happiness. Despite having work and a family, he was still trying to look for ways to be happy. It was something he didn’t seem to find until he was at death’s door.

Unfortunately, because they do not have enough help for the multiple victims of the collapse, they lose the man after he tells them to save someone younger than him. Buck questions Hen later about what she thinks happiness is, but at this point, Hen is overwhelmed and unable to help him.

This scene truly showed just how both Hen and Buck are struggling with their own questions about their own journeys. It was a tough call for them, with Buck looking for a deeper meaning in life while Hen struggles with all the responsibilities on her plate.

While the team was on their own without Bobby, he definitely had his hands full himself.

A shocking discovery

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In Florida to help her mother, Beatrice, after Athena’s father has a stroke, Bobby is instrumental in peacekeeping. He steps in to keep the peace between mother and daughter. Plus, he is introduced to a man named Junior, who is a family friend. His father had been a carpenter who helped the family for years. He has arrived to see about renovating the space where the car had crashed.

As Beatrice worries over her husband Sam, a horrific discovery occurs under the house. When Athena returns home, there are police at her house. Bobby tells her that while he and Junior were digging under the foundation, they discovered a body.

From the looks of it, the body buried under Athena’s childhood home was a missing girl named Tanya Kingston. She was the little girl who went missing when Athena was young. Tanya was one of the reasons she decided to go into law enforcement.

It appears that there is involvement from her father. But is that the case? It’s such an obvious answer that almost points to it being someone else. Perhaps the carpenter, Junior’s dad. Either way, this is going to be a lot for Athena to handle. Good thing she has a strong fireman on her side.

Honestly, we’re just excited to see a resolution for this story since we’ve heard about it through the seasons. But the way they went about introducing it? Now that was a twist we didn’t see coming!

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