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‘911 on Fox’ 6×01 Recap: “Let the Games Begin”

911 on FOX had an amazing return with a season 6 premiere that had so much to give us in the first episode. “Let The Games Begin” introduced us to the blimp emergency that had been teased for weeks since promos for the show were released. There was so much to unpack and we’re already looking forward to what comes next! Let’s go over what happened on 911 on FOX 6×01.

Interim Captain…who?

911 on FOX 6x01

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At the end of last season, Lucy Donato was part of the team, but she is no longer there, at least for now. After injuring her ankle while on vacation, she is out for the next few weeks. This also means she can’t take over as Interim Captain for Bobby while he is on his long-awaited honeymoon cruise.

Buck begins to feel off about this, feeling like Bobby had passed up everyone else at the 118 in favor of someone who wasn’t with them for that long. Aside from the fact Lucy had five more years of experience on him, it seemed as though Buck’s insecurities were rising.

Later while venting to the Diaz boys, who had none of his shenanigans during an amazing dinner scene, Buck goes from talking about the job to dating. When Chris brings up his lack of a couch, four months after breaking up with Taylor, Buck tells them he just doesn’t want to pick the wrong couch again.

Of course, he’s not really talking about a couch, but more about a relationship. He has made mistakes in the past and wants to figure out the right step. Eddie, who has been playing a game with Chris while also trying to ease Buck’s spiral, points out Bobby is doing the same thing.

Madney and getting it right

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We also have some great developments with Maddie and Chimney. After a plumbing issue brings Maddie back to the apartment for a short time, Josh points out that this could be good for her relationship with Chimney. But Maddie, still feeling insecure after all that has happened, is not sure that he wants to get back together.

While having dinner together and watching a movie, in Chim’s case at least, the topic moves towards their own relationship. Maddie talks about being tired of rom-coms and wanting something that shows couples working through their problems.

The moment is heated and it is heavily implied Chimney and Maddie sleep together. However, Chimney ends up leaving before Maddie wakes up the next morning. He talks to Bobby, Hen, and Eddie about it, all of whom give him advice on relationships. Eddie even talks about his time with Shannon and how he was actually trying to protect himself when he was keeping her at arm’s length.

It’s clear this is what Chimney was likely doing, but in the end, he goes home to Maddie. For her part, she understands what he likely felt and tells him she wants to try again. It made her sad to know that he was gone when she woke up and she wants to be a family with him and Jee.

By the end, she is back home where she belongs and we’re so excited to see her and Chimney come back together as a couple!

A little reassurance goes a long way on 911 on FOX 6×01

911 on FOX 6x01

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After dealing with Buck’s power trip over trying to prove himself, Hen goes to see Bobby. Bobby, having been unaware that Buck was trying to prove something, tells Hen that his original pick for Captain was herself. He only didn’t ask because he didn’t want to add more to her plate than she already had, which we saw when she forgot a lunch date she had with Athena.

Hen is taken aback that Bobby had chosen her first, something she couldn’t have imagined coming when she first started. Her first captain was horrible to her but now she is seen by Bobby for the capable leader she is.

We get to see Hen take her place as Interim Captain and it’s clear that she is where she belongs for the time being. If this is a hint for what is to come, we hope Hen decides that she wants to move up instead of leaving for good. Because she is an amazing firefighter and paramedic and would make a great Captain one day.

The couch situation

As for Buck, Bobby does go to talk to him. He is happy to see Buck’s hard work. Bobby then points out that he is not yet ready for the kind of responsibility that goes with being a captain. Bobby can see how capable he is as a firefighter, he just needs more experience. Buck ends up going back to the couch situation again, confusing Bobby at first. But when he talks about not wanting to make mistakes, Bobby gives him some good advice.

He tells Buck to look inside himself and figure out who he is by himself. Only then he will know what he wants so he is ready for his future. We see Buck do this when he moves his leather armchair. It is now sitting where his couch used to be.

The idea for Buck is that he needs to focus on himself before he can decide what he truly wants not just professionally, but emotionally.

Vacation gone wrong

911 on FOX 6x01

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Bobby and Athena spend the episode preparing for their honeymoon cruise. The former is going all out and planning events on a spreadsheet while Athena is just going with the flow. Everything is exciting for them and they are clearly enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, just like any time on 911 on FOX, their plans go awry.

While on a video call with her mother, Athena and Bobby are horrified to watch an accident occur. This happens when her dad accidentally drives into the house. This will lead to an episode later focusing on Bobby and Athena’s time in Florida.

It may not be the vacation they had been planning. But we’re excited to see Bobby and Athena in a new environment. Plus, it’s likely they will be helping her parents after the accident. We just hope they are okay!

Our thoughts on 911 on FOX 6×01.

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All in all, this was a great season premiere and it was so enjoyable. From Madney working things out to seeing Hen flourish in a new role, there were many layers to comb through. It’s going to make for an exciting season if that is how their opener began.

Let us know your thoughts on the new episode of 911 on FOX 6×01.

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