Into the Light

Book Review: ‘Into the light’ by Kate McWilliams

This was a standalone book but it also had character crossovers from the previous books in the series. And it featured two characters that have been in the previous books in the background. Because this time around it was Ellie and Rafe’s time to shine. And they certainly didn’t disappoint! Between their romance and the underlying mystery, this was a hard one to put down. So keep reading for my review of Into the Light by Kate McWilliams.

Strong and Sensitive

Rafe is so strong but also so gentle. Especially with Ellie. He was definitely a swoon worthy book boyfriend! Especially with all of his dirty talk! Whew! But more than that, he was so in love with Ellie. He was willing to do whatever he could for her and to keep her safe. But he also let her be independent and he loved her for who she was. Something Ellie really needed. Rafe also really needed Ellie. He needed someone to tell him he deserved to be loved. He was so hard on himself and he needed someone to support him. Rafe was a kick ass character and I loved seeing him at the center of this story.

Into the Light

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Ellie was tough as hell with a side of sugary sweet. She could kick ass and stand her ground one moment and be tender and loving the next. That’s my favorite kind of female character. Ellie is strong and she is independent and she can certainly hold her own. But everyone needs help sometimes and someone to lean on. I was so glad that Ellie let that be Rafe. It was also nice to see that she was someone for Rafe to lean on as well. I loved the way they supported one another and their relationship unfolded beautifully. I could read three more books about these two, I swear.

Romance and Action

When I wasn’t swooning from the romance and dirty talk, the suspense and the drama had my adrenaline pumping. The ending blindsided me a bit. But in the best way. I love when I can’t guess who is going to be responsible. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a great whodunnit that I point the finger at the culprit right from the start. But it’s also great to be surprised from time to time by a mystery. Though Kate seems to be pretty good at it because this was the third book in the series that kept me guessing until the answer revealed itself. I would have liked the climax of it all to have lasted a little longer but it didn’t take anything away from the magic of the book or these two characters.

Friends to lovers is definitely one of my favorite tropes. I’m a sucker for an adorable romance with a dash of suspense. And ‘Into the Light’ has that in spades! It was a truly beautiful story that kept me hooked from start to finish. I waited a bit to read it for when I could have the whole day. And it was absolutely worth it. Then it took me a bit to process it all. This is definitely going to be one on my list that will be read over and over again. In fact, I think the whole series is one that I will read again and again.

Doesn’t Let Go

Kate’s writing style is one that pulls you in and keeps you in. What I found after reading the other two books in this series was that once you start them, they are extremely difficult to put down. So if you are going to check them out, you should set aside a day to be able to sit and enjoy them in their entirety. Or have some great self restraint to be able to start them and put them down. Because that wasn’t something I found myself able to do. Kate also writes romance and relationships with a beautiful flair that has me smiling so many times throughout each of her books. She’s an exceptional author.

Into the Light

Image via Kate McWilliams

Have you had a chance to check Into the Light out yet? If you have were you as in love with it as I was? Have you read any of Kate McWilliams books before? What do you think of her as an author? If you want to talk all things books that you can find and follow me on Twitter @Sarah_Jeanne 17! You can also find us on Twitter @capeandcastle! Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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