Lovely Broken Strength

Book Review: ‘Lovely Broken Strength’ by Abbey Easton

If you haven’t read Lovely Shattered Secrets by Abbey Easton, then I strongly recommend that you do! While you don’t have to in order to understand what is going on in this one, it’s still a really great book and an awesome place to start. There are plenty of crossover characters to learn more about as well! But this one is all about Tyson and Ellie. If you are starting with this one, I’m pretty confident you’ll be so hooked on the story and the characters that you will go back and read the first one. Because it’s just that good! So keep reading for my review of Lovely Broken Strength by Abbey Easton!

Strings Attached

Tyson just wanted to get out of town and figure things out. Which was understandable after everything that has happened with his father. And with the experiences from his childhood that he is still dealing with in adulthood. But he made a selfish choice that left those who loved him behind. Which he knew. He knew that he was leaving Ellie, his brother Atlas, Knox, and everyone who loved him. Just like he knew that he was making a selfish decision. But it was one that he needed to make for himself. And I have to say that sometimes we have to make a selfish decision in order to find ourselves or deal with something. That’s what Ty had to do. It may not have been the right decision according to other people around him, but it was the right decision for himself.

Lovely Broken Strength

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Ellie had the right to be upset with Ty. He disappeared for three years without a word. Ty never told her he was planning on leaving or said goodbye before he took off. And he never called her or spoke to her in the three years he was gone. So it’s understandable that she didn’t want him to just come waltzing back into her life as if it never happened. Ellie also had other things going on in her own life that she had to deal with. Ty’s return was one more thing for Ellie to deal with. She did her best to keep him at arm’s length and not allow him to get close to her again. That way she could make sure she didn’t get hurt again. But Ellie didn’t take into account how much she loved Ty and that she wouldn’t be able to stay away from him.

Life, Love, and Tragedy

Ty knew that he was going to have a long way to go in order to earn everyone’s trust back. He also knew that he was going to have to work hard in order to fully recover from the injuries he sustained while fighting. The professional fighting was something Ty felt gave him a purpose in life and something that kept him going when he left Cypress Falls. He didn’t feel he had any choice but to come home, so that’s where he went. The time away clearly made him realize that he wasn’t into sleeping around anymore and that he wanted to be with Ellie. It also made him realize that he was going to have to accept and deal with things in his past in order to have a happy future. Which meant also finding his purpose in Cypress Falls along with getting his love, Ellie.

Ellie was struggling in more ways than one. She was struggling to take care of her father after he had a stroke. Struggling to make sure he was taken care of while also doing her best to take care of herself and keep a job to have a steady income. But Ellie also had struggles from her past that weren’t willing to let go of her yet. And on top of that, she knew how she felt about Ty. She just needed to let her walls come down and let herself love him. The two of them were already going to have obstacles to overcome in order to be together and happy. But when those obstacles turned dangerous, Ty and Ellie were going to have to find a way to come together to deal with them or risk losing one another forever.

Romance and Life

Abbey Easton did it again with Lovely Broken Strength. Her writing style was amazing and realistic. I felt every emotion that Ty and Ellie were feeling. I was there with them when they were going through a tragedy, a celebration, and everything in between. Abbey has a way of invoking all of the emotions when you’re reading one of her books. And when she’s writing an intense scene, it always gets my adrenaline going and has me on the edge of my seat. Something else I love is that I’ve read two of her books so far and both times I have not been able to pinpoint who is behind the things going on until it’s revealed. And that’s a pretty big feat for me! But she always keeps me guessing and yet has a way of making everything pull together and make sense, causing me to wonder how I didn’t see it the whole time.

Lovely Broken Strength

Image via Abbey Easton

Have you read Lovely Broken Strength yet? What about the first book in the series? Will you be reading the next one? If you have read this one, what did you think of everything that happened to Ty and Ellie? You can find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to discuss all things books! You can also find me on Twitter @Sarah_Jeanne17. I’m always up for talking about a great book! Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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